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Can you name the 5-letter rungs in this word ladder, where select rungs combine to form two-word phrases?

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Clue5-Letter RungRung
Take five
• [Rung 1] [Rung 22]: Move to rap music •
• 1 •
Bakery item2
Kennel Club classification3
Let loose4
Served like some green tomatoes5
Fast-food side order6
What time does, at times7
Turns over, as pancakes8
Loses one's footing9
Diets successfully, with ''down''10
Attacks verbally11
Tailor's concern12
League members13
Milk dispensers14
Campsite shelters15
Fasting times16
Famed thespian theater couple17
Respiratory organs18
Thrust forward, in fencing19
Actress Jessica or Hope20
Cyclist Armstrong21
• [Rung 22] [Rung 36]: Gathering with a disc jockey •
• 22 •
Conical-cap wearer23
_____ de leche24
Edible seaweed25
Throb or beat26
Pucker, as lips27
Blend to a liquid28
Less adulterated29
More confident30
Eye or saddle afflictions32
Puts in order33
Docking spots34
Political group
• [Rung 36] [Rung 53]: Milieu for revelers •
• 36 •
Sickly pale37
Sticky stuff38
Social class39
Broadway rosters40
Layers of paint42
Casual conversations43
Tobacco wads44
Eats eagerly, with ''down''45
TV Guide listings46
Drives away, as gnats47
Pull the trigger48
Baseball position between second and third49
Beach locale50
Cross the goal line51
Treat with tea52
Big fuss or temper tantrum
• [Rung 53] [Rung 63]: Piece of an act •
• 53 •
Fragrance or aroma54
Tired and worn out55
Use a credit card56
Clue5-Letter RungRung
Put the pedal to the metal57
Went undercover58
Recoiled or drew back, with ''away''59
Rip up60
Shakespeare's ''The Taming of the _____''61
Lost intentionally, as a competition62
First odd prime
• [Rung 63] [Rung 85]: Opera of a certain price •
• 63 •
2008 Super Bowl's ''Helmet Catch'' wide receiver64
British radials65
Uses a keyboard66
Promotes, as advertising67
Great expectations68
Swiss cheese feature69
Wrestling maneuvers70
Stove covers71
Victims on April 1st73
Drops in temperature74
Farm houses75
Cuts of lamb or pork76
Goes to market77
Sends by UPS, say78
Tibia settings79
Glistened or sparkled81
Call up82
Counterfeit or fake83
Spring flower84
American coin
• [Rung 85] [Rung 101]: Old-fashioned sweets •
• 85 •
Tubular pasta86
British coins87
Piece of dinnerware90
List of candidates91
Bedframe strips92
Benches and chairs, for example93
Qualifying races94
Coin-toss call95
Enjoys a book96
Tears apart97
South African coins98
Farm workers99
Within reach100
Kisses, possibly
• [Rung 101] [Rung 112]: Valentine's Day sweet •
• 101 •
Streisand role103
Causing laughter104
Rabbit, informally105
''Married... with Children'' name106
Like some straws107
Units on a necklace or abacus109
Papa, Mama, and Baby of a fairy tale110
Pays heed to111
Tin Man's need
• [Rung 112] [Rung 1]: Anguish after a romantic split •
• 112 •

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