Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Two-Word Terms Loop II

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Can you name the four-letter rungs in this word ladder, where select rungs combine to form two-word terms?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• [Rung 1][Rung 4]: Tennis stroke •
or Support financially
• 1 •
Break into, as a computer2
Country singer Williams or slugger Aaron3
• [Rung 4][Rung 8]: User's manual •
or Something you might lend
• 4 •
Musical group5
Wall Street purchase6
Hit on the head7
• [Rung 8][Rung 12]: Oprah's reading group •
or Make a reservation
• 8 •
Knucklehead; doofus9
Amorphous mass10
Sob childishly11
• [Rung 12][Rung 19]: Deformity with rotated ankles •
or Layered sandwich
• 12 •
You're looking at it13
Strong sticky adhesive14
Stuff; gorge15
Joint inflammation16
Knucklehead; barbarian17
Pirate's booty18
Clue4-Letter Word
• [Rung 19][Rung 24]: Pigskin •
or Stocking stuffer
• 19 •
Blockhead; simpleton20
Shed item21
Turnpike fee22
Starbucks order23
• [Rung 24][Rung 27]: Stadium event •
or Cinderella's event
• 24 •
Cotton or hay bundle25
Strong wind26
• [Rung 27][Rung 36]: What color commentators cover •
or Hunter's pursuit
• 27 •
A few but not all29
Irritated; achy30
Prepare to do laundry31
Chimney grime32
Schedule opening33
Deceptive or tricky maneuver35
• [Rung 36][Rung 1]: Listen to, as a recording •
or Broadway production
• 36 •

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