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Can you name these words which become new words when -ATE is added to the end?

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Original WordWords-ATE Word
Creature that comes from somewhere other than EarthTo cause someone to feel not part of a group
To make something legally voidFurnished with or composed of rings
Expressing opinions or feelings in an honest and sincere wayA person who is trying to be elected
Chemical element that forms coal and diamondTo make fizzy, as a soft drink
Three or more musical tones sounded simultaneouslyPhylum of animals with a spinal column and nervous system
To think about something to make a choice or judgmentShowing kindness toward other people
Person who makes or repairs wooden casks or barrelsTo work together harmoniously
To create a plan that shows how something will be madeChoose for a particular job or purpose
To repair somethingTo give all one's attention to something
Alumnus, for shortPass slowly from one color to the next
A house usually in the country where people can eat and sleepExisting as part of the basic nature of something
Any one of the long thin parts that support a table or chairAn official representative of the pope
A metric unit for measuring the volume of a liquid or gasAble to read and write
Military corpsmanTo treat a person or disease with drugs
Noble gas used in brightly-colored signs and lightsA child less than one month old
Negating wordWrite in the margins
A close friendThe roof of the mouth, or the sense of taste
Very formal and properAny member of the group of animals including humans
Freedom from activity or laborTo say something again, especially to make the meaning clearer
To make glass or steel hard by heating and cooling itEmotionally calm and controlled

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