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QUIZ: Can you name the words that can be turned into different words by adding the prefix 'AL-'?

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AL + [This Word]Word Addition= [This Word]
A humerus part of the bodyA clock made for snoozing
A beggarA CD, cassette, or record
A sheltered inletA nook in a room
Chick (slang)Type of bloom due to lake eutrophication
Eisenhower's nicknameSimilar
Find (eureka!)Set aside, especially resources
Close to the groundPermit
An angler's decoyCharm, tempt, or fascinate
Greatest; having the majorityNearly
Hydrogen's atomic numberHeart song
Tree with needles and conesType of tundra biome that exists at high altitudes
CorrectNot good, not bad
Action that accompanies featheringWhere religious services and sacrifices occur
English measure of weight_____ Brown, host of Good Eats on Food Network
A vocal interjectionA college graduate
Manners or modesAll the time

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