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Can you name the longer word that can be achieved by adding a letter to the beginning of another word?

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Letter + Shorter Word DefinitionWord EquationLonger Word Definition
A + A courtroom proceedingLike part of the heart
B + A shuttlecock whackerA level in a tournament
C + Sent to the gallowsMade different
D + More undercookedBureau division
E + Blow off steamA major happening
F + A cast memberA contributing element
G + Pay attentionReflect brilliantly
H + A fleet operatorA forehead border
I + Assign a value toHopping mad
J + An inert gasSpecial language
K + An Elie Wiesel bookA chess piece
L + Utter repeatedlyCapable of reading
M + EnthusiasticBarely sufficient
N + A water pourerComparatively modern
O + A geographic regionAn ultraviolet ray absorber
P + The top of the mouthAn alcohol measure
Qu + A piece of cakeSuffering from seasickness
R + Develop over timeOrbit
S + Lose one's footingRemove the paint from
T + A wintertime applianceA box office setting
U + Remain unsettledCause to topple over
V + An autumn blossomMore expansive
W + Verbally attackA yuletide drink
X + AphrodisiacCharacterized by dryness
Y + GarnerHave a craving
Z + WhicheverClownish

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