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Can you name the pairs of words by adding one letter to the first word to get the second word?

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First Word ClueWordsSecond Word Clue
To free from an anxious mindAn artist's tripod
A neutral colorA thickened sauce
To go 'off' one is to not use utilitiesTo rub or grate harshly
Animate and functioningA martini garnisher
A noble gasA particular group's language or slang
One who is concerned for or about anotherOne's profession
A sofaTo squat or bend down
An open wooden boxTo bring into existence
Shabby; dark, dull, or dirtyA small boat
Uncultivated landGeneral soundness of the body or mind
Any locationA royal abode
A camera's imageA unit of light intensity
A distinguishing name or headingTo dot the letter 'i'
Life; respirationTo respire
Ant, butterfly, or cricket, for exampleTo examine closely

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