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My moma told me when I was young, we are all born superstars
My money is yours, I give you a little more because I love ya
Your from a whole different world. A different dimension.
I took a couple uppers. I took a couuple downers.
You say we're both little people, and you like it that way.
Hands, touching hands. Reaching out.
Half my life's in books, written pages
You catholic girls start much to late.
Honey why you calling me so late.
I ain't got no car, but I got 1 pare of jeans
You would not believe your eyes.
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret.
I met this girl down the block from me.
In the night, I hear them talk.
Are fists flying up in there, like we're holding to something thats invisible air.
Yo, it's about that time to bring forth the rythm and the rhyme
It's plain to see, baby your beautiful.
Pick a verse, any verse. I hypnotize you every line.
In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.
D.J. What you waiting for, woahooooo
I'll go get a ring, let the choir bells sing.
When I see you cry, it makes me wanna die
I guess she is an xbox, and more an atari
So long and goodnight
But 1st, its your chance, take my hand
When I get older I will get stronger
I'm drinkin jack all alone in my local bar
Late Night sex, so wicked so tight
Forever can never be long enough for me
Jump shot stupid, yeah it's retarted

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