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Can you name the year when these historical American events took place?

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France gives the U.S. the Statue of Liberty
Hawaii becomes the 50th state of the U.S.
Barak Obama becomes U.S. president
America declares freedom from Britain
The Mayflower lands in America
Christopher Colombus lands in America
The British burn down the White House
The American Civil War begins
The U.S. becomes involved in World War 1
Juan Ponce de Leon lands in Florida
Jamestown, first English settlement in America, is established
George Washington becomes first U.S. president
Erie Canal is completed and opened
Henry Hudson explores North America
Oregon Trail opens
Gold is discovered in California
Pony Express begins
Great Depression begins
Cold War between U.S. and Soviet Union begins
Great Chicago fire
President John Kennedy assasinated
Hubble Telescope placed in orbit
Watergate Burglary
Spanish-American War
Ford Motor Company established
President Abraham Lincoln assasinated
Library of Congress founded
Battle of the Alamo
Empire State Building opens
Neil Armstrong lands on the moon

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