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Forced Order
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He and his wife battled dark beings throughout Runeterra.
In order to meet his job's quota, he drank an elixer devised by another champion. His newfound strength also brought a gruesome transformation.
Noxian orphan who decapitated a Demacian Commander while his legion retreated.
Caused a large brawl in the Freljord after interrupting diplomatic negotiations.
Master of an ancient, nearly extinct art of fighting.
Became part human by contacting a fallen wizard in a battlefield.
Possible Vampiric assassin rumored to be from Shadow Isles.
Sought the toughest warriors in the land, and in his journey ran into another champion. This champion taught him his current fighting style.
Acted as a shaman to his community. He felt that his kind were losing touch with their fighting nature and left in search of wisdom.
Participated in The Fleshing and was sentenced to fight 300 soldiers, but the king of Demacia saved him.
Another champion stole a crystal from him, and he invented a weapon to get it back.
His motive for joining the League is unknown, but possibly for pleasure since he finds death funny.
Overthrew his father to take control of his possessions.
Was born under special conditions to become the shaman of his community. Lived in the Freljord, but just outside of the devastation of the war.
A celestial being who roams Runeterra preserving sacred artifacts
Adventurer who was gifted with magic from a young age.
Surpassed all of her siblings and eventually her father in her craft, but her reputation was tainted.
Gets betrayed by another champion, related to another
Traveled through the Shurima Desert to be overwhelmed by visions of an alternate dimension. Feared what will come, but decided to accept it as inevitable.
Boy who was obsessed with death.
Used her father's blade to lead the Ionian's to victory in a crucial battle.
In her previous form, she consumed animals to survive. When she consumed a magical being, she changed into her current, human-like form.
Ionian who never used her magic to kill people until her village was threatened.
Ruler of a region who comes back to life after an incident at his tomb
Ball tossing machine which he invented was re-purposed to scare off a giant.
Earned enough money to get her own ship. One of her goals is to find the person who killed her mother.
Created by an inventor out of grief for his lost daughtor.
Was once a summoner, but a terrible incident caused him to leave.
Summoner who was possessed by an evil spirit and killed whoever went into his quarters.
Lived in his desolate home until a dimensional rift opened and brought him to Runeterra. (not Voidborn)
Came into a hospital with an open fracture and showed no sign of pain throughout the entire ordeal.
Was once human searching for unlimited power, but as he grew stronger his body was being destroyed. His dying body had to perform one more ritual to turn into his now immortal form
Traveled to Icathia, and was influenced heavily by what he saw and wishes to prevent its corruption from spreading.
Part of the Kinkou Order. Mastered lightning techniques.
Shows up in the middle of battles and helps a certain faction to victory.
Very efficient member of a group of elite assassins. Possibly infatuated with another champion.
Her father was slain by Noxian assassins, but she escaped to deliver a prized possession to Demacia.
Made his executions a spectator event.
Abandoned at birth. What was thought to be politeness turned out to be a disability.
A spirit that avenges those who were betrayed
Became the leader of his clan through his wits, which is very unlike his kind.
Held in prison which made him go crazy and turn to evil. He learned dark magic and returned to his home-town, bringing devastation.
Voidborn. Uses his kills to grow more powerful. Met his match one day and nearly died from the wounds.
Unlocked the ancient magic of the earth and used it to protect his allies in battle.
Hometown was deserted but salvaged a weapon from the ruins. Gained Bilgewater's trust after defeating a monster.
Member of the Police Force. Biggest rival is another champion.
Captured by another champion and rescued by an elite Demacian legion.
Had fun with kids from her hometown by turning them into animals.
Conman who received a modified gun while in jail.
Being which was corrupted with dark magic he didn't want.
Mortally wounded during combat with Demacia, but was barely able to be saved with cybernetic technology
Became sentient after finding his way to the center of a maze.
Murdered all assassins sent to kill him and eventually taken in by the Du Couteau family.
Child of the leaders of the Gray Order.
Protector of the Freljord.
Cursed after betraying another champion and moving on in their mission without them.
His creations at the Piltover Academy failed, but became a local hero after professors were captured and he freed them.
Member of the Kinkou Order, but was kicked out when he practiced forbidden techniques.
Since he lacked test subjects, he tested his concoctions on himself. He became deformed and insane as a result.
Her legion of soldiers were slaughtered by another champion's biochemical weapons, but she got away and seeks revenge.
Helped create another champion, but when another scientist took the credit he grew angry. Now pursues to change humans into something better (according to him).
Very friendly and limited memory of his parents. Looked down upon by his community because of his compassion.
Noxian soldier who was beheaded by Demacia, but was revived.
Legendary hero of the Freljord.
Member of a Freljordian clan which is bent on glory and daring actions.
Had the shortest judgement of all champions, and had special rules put in place to limit his power on the Fields of Justice.
His sole purpose is to keep equilibrium throughout the universe.
Appeared in Runeterra out of a Nexus. Slaughtered everything he saw until eventually contained by the Summoners.
One of the youngest graduates of the Demacian school of magic.
Part of the Bandle City Expeditionary Force.
Wished to control magic, and when the opportunity arose he threw his friend under the bus.
A beast that roams the Shurima Desert picking off travelers
Queen of the Freljord. Wishes for peace in the Freljord.
Joined the League to stop evil from taking over her people. Heavenly in nature.
Became insane with rage and was held prisoner.
Created by a scientist couple, and grew up learning compassion. His first act of violence was to protect those he loved, but he avoided it every time he could.
Fought a brave battle and his legion was winning, but a dark figure (another champion) appeared and obliterated his army.
Criminal in Piltover.
Being of the Shadow Isles, but existed before the Shadow Isles did.
A mysterious substance he found at sea caused him to be bonded to anything he was in contact with until he awoke.
Created to guard the border between Demacia and Noxus.
After being taken to a building to learn from an instructor, she killed him because he was restricting her power.
Found by a another champion and thought to be harmless
Created a room which held captive to two champions.
Zaun local who survived by her wits. Mastered elemental magic basically overnight.
Father was murdered by her peers. She soon got revenge by joining forces with another champion.
She found her current battle companion next to her brother's body on the anniversary of his death.
After returning to his village to find his family dead, he tore through Noxian army. Eventually captured and participated in the Fleshing as a gladiator
Invaded and obliterated an entire building. People there suffered from liquification and crossbow wounds.
Powerful Freljordian warrior who wishes to reunite the torn region through brute force.
Corrupted being of the heavens.
Voidborn who strikes fear in everyone that gases upon him.
Part of the Kinkou Order and mastered shadow techniques.
Looked upon as an outcast because she refused to kill, but was appealed due to an incident at her execution.
Shadow Isle being which murdered a Demacian Commander and his soldiers
Adored by her community and chosen to go on a quest for a legendary stone.
Unlocked ancient magic arts which involved him permanently being linked with magic.
As a child, she survived what her parents could not and gained powers when a family of animals took her in.
An intelligent boy who's part of a street gang
Collects prizes from all that he has slain. Always defeated his enemies until another champion nearly killed him.
Lives in Piltover. nemesis is only known as 'C'.
Leader of the Demacian Army.
Celebrity in Zaun. Granted personal autonomy after court case.
Traveled through Runeterra by being attracted to smells. Huge appetite.
Led groups of people into the Shadow Isles for them to be devoured.
A demon who feasts on the Loves of others
Defended a temple instead of his village when it got invaded. The ruin of his village caused him to take great measures to get revenge.
His experimentation with magic caused him to not realize his entire region was being destroyed.
Inflicted pain on his test subjects and was charged with 38 accounts of murder before officially recieving his medical license.
Died without an heir, which caused him to become immortal since his job was irreplaceable.
No memory or record of his life. Traveled all through Southern Valoran without encountering any trouble.
Member of a group of elite soldiers who prefer fighting when they are overwhelmed 10 to 1.
Jealous Yordle who is infatuated with another Yordle.
According to legend, if you see this figure it is too late. Leaves behind 'empty vessels'.
His obsession caused him to leave Noxus where he met a monk which taught him dark (red?) magic.
Hired to assassinate a Demacian official, but got arrogant and paid for it when Noxian troops were ambushed.
Was Kegan Rodhe before being possessed by an ancient being
He and his brother fought to the death because he was an exile blamed for the murder of their father.
Member of an underground organization in Noxus.
Ancient being who was the sole survivor of his kind after the rune wars.
A witch invaded her home and killed her family. She survived off of her father's money.
Excluded from the Solari because she challenged their worshipping of the sun.
Voidborn who vaporizes objects (and people) to learn about them.
Ancient being of the Freljord wishing to control the region through corruption.
Member of the oldest yordle military unit still in service.
Immortal being who gave up her immortality to save another champion.

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