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Past RolesCodenameReal Name
N/ABruce Wayne
Batman II (Deceased)Jean-Paul Valley
Robin I/Batman IIIRichard Grayson
Robin IIJason Todd
Robin IIITim Drake
Robin IV/Batgirl VStephanie Brown
N/A (Deceased)Damian Wayne
Earth-2 Robin IIHelena Wayne
Batgirl IBette Kane
OracleBarbara Gordon
Batgirl IIICassandra Cain
Batgirl IVCharlotte Gage-Radcliffe
N/A (Deceased)Kathy Kane
N/AKate Kane
N/ASelena Kyle
Past RolesCodenameReal Name
Catwoman IIName is Answer
ButlerName is Answer
GCPD CommisionerName is Answer
Batman Inc ArgentinaSantiago Vargas
Batman Inc AustraliaJohnny Riley
Batman Inc DRC (Africa)David Zavimbi
Batman Inc FranceBilal Asselah
Batman Inc JapanJiro Osamu
Batman Inc UKCyril Sheldrake
Batman Inc UKBeryl Hutchinson
Batman Inc UKGeorge Cross
Batman Inc USWilliam Great Eagle
Batman Inc USLittle Raven

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