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Gryffindor student who sets her sights on Harry and dabbles in love potions Half-Blood Prince
Strangled by Devil's Snare in St. Mungo'sOrder of the Phoenix
Also known as Scabbers, he is an animugus that works for VoldemortPrisoner of Azkaban
Ron's older crush; works at the Three BroomsticksPrisoner of Azkaban
Fourth target petrifiedChamber of Secrets
Had Hermione in a head-lock during Dueling ClubChamber of Secrets
Wizarding world's resident thief; member of the OrderOrder of the Phoenix
Referee of the Quidditch World cupGoblet of Fire
Death Eaters; this sibling pair become professors at HogwartsDeathly Hallows
This muggle caretaker is blamed for the murder of the RiddlesGoblet of Fire
Extremely energetic wizard who shook Harry's hand in the Leaky Cauldron several times when Hagrid brought him to Diagon AlleySorcerer's Stone
Riding companion of Tom Riddle Sr.Half-Blood Prince
Professor of CharmsSorcerer's Stone
Ron impersonates this Magical Maintenance Employee; believed to have taken his family into hiding after they escaped from the Muggle-born Registration CommitteeDeathly Hallows

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