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Final spoken wordsBookSpeaker & Year
'He won't haunt Paradise Hill any more, because he's got into the real Paradise and he's riding on a white horse through the fields of lilies beside the flashing stream.'Maria (1946)
'I've got something for you, Justine.'Tracy (1991)
'It means that we will all go once more in hourly peril of our lives.'Mr Brown (1922)
'Seems wasteful not to make use of it.'Nanny Cook (1956)
'Let's go home Paddywack. Bacon Butties for tea, and biscuits for afters. All right?'Joe (2007)
'And so do I.'Nellie (1952)
'So much to dream about - the wolves, and Miss Slighcarp, and walking to London, and helping poor Aunt Jane, and Mamma and Papa adrift in a boat full of oranges and grapes...'Bonnie (1962)
'It's nice having a bear about the house.'Mrs Brown (1958)
Final spoken wordsBookSpeaker & Year
'What a lovely adventure! I hope it won't be the last.'Beth (1943)
'Oh George, we have marvellous adventures with you!' I wonder if we'll have any more?'Dick (1942)
'She's hardly bigger than Tom anyway : but, you know, he put his arms right round her and hugged her goodbye, just as if she was a little girl.'Aunt Gwen (1958)
'God's in his heaven, all's right in the world.'Anne (1925)
'In your place he will last until he is twenty years old - perhaps more.'Mr Thoroughgood (1877)
'If she wants to stay, let her stay. It's fine with me.'Mr Wormwood (1988)
'I give you my son - HICCUP THE USEFUL!'Stoick the Vast (2003)
'Then in the name of Aslan, if ye will all have it so, let us go on and take the adventure that should fall to us.'Susan (1950)

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