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Event Year
A hen in Leeds, England laid eggs with the phrase 'Christ is coming', later found to be a hoax
Joseph Smith believed the end of the world to be this year
William Miller predicted Christ to return on these dates, also known as 'The Great Disapointment'
Dorothy Martin claimed to receive messages from aliens, saying the world would end on this date
Charles Manson believed a race war would erupt during this time
Pat Robertson predicted this date as the end of the world
Elizabeth Clare Prophet predicted a nuclear holocaust on this date
Harold Camping predicted this day to be the apocalypse
Event Year
People thought this bug would shut down computers worldwide
778 followers of a Ugandan cult predicted this as the end of days(No relation to the one above)
Richard Noone predicted a cataclysmic shift in the Earth's poles on this day
Harold Camping predicted this after his first prediction failed
The Mayan calendar runs out on this day, inspired a 2009 movie
Issac Newton's interpretations of Scripture found the apocalypse no earlier than this year
According to the Talmud, the world will end in this year
The Church of the SubGenius claimed to have a message from aliens, predicting this year to be the apocalypse

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