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Can you name the Names of Puroresu Wrestlers by clue?

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The only wrestler great enough to pull off a power ranger looking suit and have an anime based off him
I wonder if this legend likes 'Sierra Mist'
May not be named Noah, but created an Ark of his own (hey could've said a million things about this all time great in ring performer)
I am sure glad this wrestler isn't my 'doctor'
CM Punk's WWE style emulates this wrestler
Most guys careers would fall in the toilet after 60 straight losses, but not this all time great
I hope if I ever climb to the top of MT. 'Everest' I don't get 'suplexed off the top by this large stiff wrestler with hard knees
His series of matches in the early 80's with a particular wrestler was revolutionary and pure 'Dynamite'
Probably the lesser known man of the Holy Demon Army
The other member of the Holy Demon Army
Some wrestlers have a large impact on wrestling, this man had a jumbo sized one
If this Juniorweight had a Yugioh card, it would be called 'Blue Eyes Ultimo Dragon'
Not exactly the man you think of when I say NWA, but a 1 time holder of the belt anyways and member of the New World Order in Japan
Created New Japan Pro Wrestling and the Enzugiri, wrestled many prominant American wrestlers like Flair and Andre the Giant
Screw Jean Grey this masked man is the real phoenix
Post World War 2 hero to Japanese and maybe the most prominent figure of Japanese wrestling (Father of Puro)
Japan's version of Andre the 'Giant' In fact, wrestled him many a time
Started out as a hummingbird in lucha libre, went to NJPW and transformed into a black tiger
Puts Jeff Hardy's Swanton to shame. (Not to mention is FAR more talented in the ring)
The train stopped in Japan and out came a Giant
I don't know what would be worse: being cut with a switch blade or taking the Sling Blade from this wrestler and current champion in NJPW
May of went by BamBam, but this giant isn't the beast from the east
successful in America, more successful in Japan and started the lariat craze. His first name is also the title of a great song by Eminem
Glad if I have to go to a meat locker I won't ever be seeing this nomadic and hardcore butcher
You may have some Bruises on your body after facing this brawler
His first name contains ichiro, but this isn't Ichiro Suzuki
Move away when this Volcano Erupts during a match with this jacked superstar
Christopher Daniels worked as this man who tastes great in Japan
Name of Black Tiger 4
1 hell of an exciting gaijin and the 'prince' of Japan wrestling
The coolest samurai. Samurai Jack comes in second

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