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In which country is the city of Indaiatuba?
Who sings 'Gangnam Style'?
Which company owns the PSV Eindhoven soccer team?
Birthplace of Andy Murray.
Where is the FIFA World Cup in 2018?
Who killed Hitler?
What is the only video game that is not from nintendo, which has versions of the game: The Legend of Zelda?
What is the name of Tarzan's gorilla leader?
What was the first soccer team of Brazil?
Who shots Mr. Burns, in the series 'The Simpsons'?
Who won the FIFA World Cup in 1986?
What is the symbol for the element tungsten?
What is the final boss of the game Tekken 6?
'Perro' means dog in what language?
'I'm Sexy And __________.'
Zazu is a character of which disney movie?
Which country was once part of Brazil?
What is the name of the orangutan in the game Donkey Kong 64?
Who has produced the cartoon series 'Looney Tunes'?
What year Montenegro separated from Serbia?
What is the capital of Cape Verde?
The Ghanaian soccer player Mubarak Wakaso plays in which team of Spain?
What is the name of the first amateur golf player who won the U.S. Open golf tournament?
The three types of rocks. (alphabetically)
Name of the national anthem of England.
It has three stripes, one blue, one black and one white. Which country has a flag like this?
Which countries played the first international game of rugby?
Where The Beatles were formed?
What some writers regard as a sixth continent?
In Harry Potter, which house has a snake as a symbol?
Who sings 'Waving Flag'?
What is the capital of Togo?
The city of Cochabamba is located in what country in South America?
The last king of Sparta.
Football is a variation of which sport?
Who directed the movie 101 Dalmatians?
Before turning green, what color was the Hulk?
In the Marvel Comics, who becomes the Red Hulk?
Where born the musician Keinan Abdi Warsame (K'naan)?
What is the best selling game for Playstation 3?

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