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Can you name the least frightening mascots from the clues below?

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We're only scared of these public ambassadors because they have immunity to prosecution.Franklin and Marshall (NCAA)
You could use this medieval stringed instrument as a weapon; and maybe it would really hurt... my ears.Pacific Lutheran (NCAA)
Honestly, this is a nut. I'll say it is a big nut, but it probably wouldn't even bruise you.Ohio State (NCAA)
And if tree nuts still impress you, Toronto took an even less intimidating part of the tree.Toronto (NHL)
If you find the music of Kenny G terrifying, then you better not play pro ball in UtahUtah (NBA)
Who's scared of a bird that can't even fly?Pittsburgh (NHL)
The awkward easily-frightened protagonist form the Legend of Sleepy HollowWashburn (NCAA)
The pen may trump the sword in some places, but football is rarely won in iambic pentameterWhittier (NCAA)
Then again, an imaginary D&D sword wouldn't help these applied scientists either.MIT / RPI / WPI (NCAA)
Unless you are a small stick or a chunk of rawhide, you need not fear these tiny pooches.Wofford/Boston U/Hiram (NCAA)
The only reason it's not called what it really is (a lizard) is because it's extremely round and immobile.TCU (NCAA)
Then again, inanimate piles of string are even less scary.New Jersey (NBA)
Well, that is unless you might get caught in a pile of string because you're 'wimpy' and 'don't even have teeth'Anaheim (NHL)/Oregon (NCAA)
The only thing frightening here is that they might make your laundry pink.Boston (MLB)
Take that possibility away and you're left with a mascot so un-scary that it actually makes you more comfortable.Chicago (MLB)

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