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Year of FilmName of FilmCharacters
1998Sally Owens, Gary Hallet, Gilly Owens
1993Tea Cake, Sarah Matthews, Hal Jackson, Zora Matthews
1999Candy Kendall, Wally Worthington, Homer Wells
1995Chase Meridian, Harvey Dent, Edward Nygma
2001Christian, Satine, Harold Zidler
1992Frank Farmer, Rachel Marron, Sy Spector
1999Alice Harford, Victor Zeigler, Nick Nightinggale
2003Garth Algar, Cassandra, Wayne Campbell
2002Velma Kelly, Roxie Hart, Mama Morton
2001Rita Harrison, Sam Dawson, Randy Carpenter
1999Lisa Rowe, Susanna Kaysen, Daisy Randone
Year of FilmName of FilmCharacters
2000Laura Brown, Clarissa Vaughan, Kitty
1993Jesse, Randolph, Annie, Ray
1991George Banks, Nina Banks, Annie Banks, Matty Banks
2000Victor Melling, Gracie Hart, Stan Fields
1993Danny Madigan, Jack Slater, Benedict
1991Thomas J, Shelly DeVoto, Vada Sultenfuss
2004Lupita Ramos, Creasy, Rayburn
1978Danny, Sandy, Rizzo, Sonny, Frenchy
2001Sara, Derek, Chenille, Malakai, Diggy
2008Sophie Maes, Sidney Young, Eleanor Johnson

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