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Forced Order
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DescriptionFilmCharacter & Actor
I've been known to see dead people from time to time
I fell in love in the summer of 1963 at Kellerman's holiday resort, I think he liked the way I carried the watermelon
I'll never let go Rose, metaphorically of course.
My wife's head was found in a box by that guy from that prison movie
I'm hot and I like raiding things occasionally, making out with Daniel Craig and Gerard Butler is fun too sometimes
If it's one thing that prison taught me, is to never give up, no matter how small the...tool
I'm a paraplegic marine and they still send me on a mission!! They say blue is my color though
My car's an autobot, beat that!
I'm an undercover cop whose forced to wear heels and a dress, and i'm not really bothered about world peace, so don't ask.
Come with me if you want to live, or don't it doesn't matter, i'll be back anyway
DescriptionFilmCharacter & Actor
I'm the beauty, he's the jock, she's the recluse, he's the brain...has anyone seen the rebel!?
My family left me alone...twice! New York's nice at Christmas time.
I know you may like Lady GaGa, my fellow droogs, but nobody can top Ludwig Van Beethoven in my eyes.
I'll help you find your pet or missing mascot, but i have this talkin ass trick you have to see! Allllll righty then.
I met a girl crazy for me, and she says i'm cute as can be...don't worry, I will tell you more, tell you more
I fell in love with the beautiful naked woman who found her way to the Statue of Liberty, turns out shes a mermaid, i should of known.
Me? date a high school boy?...uh as if!!
My mid-life crisis is causing me great depression, I wonder if my daughter's hot friend can help me out.
You should really only call us if theres something strange in the neighborhood
They say it was a combination of liquor and jazz that led to my downfall, I think it was just my husbands stupidity!

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