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I, VI, XWaiting, In Fate's Hands, Represent, Wake Me Up
I, II, VIIISummer Shudder, Miseria Cantare, Silver and Cold, Jack the Ripper, End Transmission
I, II, VI, VII, XIDowntown Song, Cadence, Godspeed, Fin The Resistance, The Feel Good Drag, Breaking, You Belong Here
I, IIParty Hard, Ready to Die
IEveryday, You Give Love a Bad Name
I, IVThe Great Escape, Love Drunk
IEverything I've Ever Wanted
INew Medicines
IEvery Breath You Take
I, IXEscape from Here, Here I Stand, Now or Never, One Last Kiss, Welcome to Oblivion
I, VIIIFully Aware, Fully Prepared, Get Me the Rock Outta Here
II Want It All
IThank You, Welcome to My Life
IThe Last Night
IForgive Me
IIFinding Out True Love Is Blind
II, XRescue Me, Stay Awake/Stay Alive
IICheck Yes Juliet
IIAbout a Girl
IIYou Make Me Sick
IIThe Webs We Weave, Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche, Reverse this Curse, This War is Ours (The Guillotine Part II)
II, VThis Fire Burns, Reckoning
IIBurn It All
IIFamous Last Words (Live)
III, III-BThe Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Pork and Beans
III, III-BShe Left Me, Made Up Stories, So Quiet You Were, Brake! Brake!
III, III-B, VIIIMy Worst Nightmare, Keep On Bringing Me Down, The Good Life
III, III-BLast Man on the Moon, Goodbye
III, III-BTongue Tied, When I'm With You
III, III-BFor the Longest Time, Ground Beneath My Feet
III, III-B, VICarry On, Without You, Love Answers Everything
III, III-B, VMutiny, Work in Progress, Summer Jam
III, III-B, XRoad Less Travelled, Juliet, Center of Gravity
III, III-BShip Jumper, Talk of the Town
III, III-B, XIYou're Only Young Once, Everything We Were Has Become What We Are
III, III-B, VI, VII, VIII, XYou Had Me at Hello, All I Want, If It Means a Lot to You, A Plot to Bomb the Panhandle, This is the House That Doubt Built, If I Leave
III, III-BUndefeated, Friends of the Enemy
III, III-BStill Figuring Out, The Dancer
III, III-BFarewell to a Friendship, Weekend Warriors
III, III-BYou'll Only Make It Worse, Part Time Lover
III, III-BWe Give Up Sometimes, It Sounds Prettier in Spanish
III, III-B, VII, VIII, IX, X, XIJersey, Get Up, Bruised and Scarred, Kids in Love, A Shot Across the Bow, Priceless
III, III-BSomewhere in the City, Lovesick
III, III-BBruised, The Resolution
III, III-B, VIIRemind Me I'm Alive, The Healing, Vessels
III-B, IV, V, VII, XIShe Broke My Heart, So I Broke His Jaw, Tell Me Everything, In Your Silence, On My Own
IVDo What You Do
IVScience in Violence
IVWish You Away
IVBaptized by Fire
IV, VIIIt's Not Over, Nightmares
IVFar From Over
IVThe Difference
IVStay Tonight
IVDear Father
IV, VIII, XGifts and Curses, See Me Smiling, Soundtrack
IVNo Surprise
IVNew Divide
IV, VINeon Tiger, Spaceman
IVAnna Molly
IVLet Me Be Myself
V, VIThe Kill, This Is War
VThe War of All Against All
VHow You Love Me Now, Hurricane Streets
VBrand New Hero
VFinish What I Started
VLove at the Core
VMy Darkest Hour
VOne Step Closer
VOver You
VLunch for the Sky
V, XIBlueprint of the Fall
VThey Came from the Shadows
V, VII, XBuried Myself Alive, Blue and Yellow, Give Me Love
VSomebody to Love
V, VIFull Color Guilt, Rookie
VLong Way Back
VForever Young
VICircus of the Mad
VI, IXAnhedonia, You Belong to Me
VI, IXSomeone Do Something, Love You to Death
VIRise & Fall, Curtain Call
VIEvil (A Chorus of Resistance)
VIWe Are One
VIThis Conversation Is Over
VIThe One That Got Away
VINo More Days to Waste
VIDance Forever
VIWhat Did I Do?
VIThe Rest of My Life
VI, VIIIMasterpiece, It's Not a Bad Little War
VIHey Soul Sister
VIIThe Truth of a Liar
VIIWhere the City Meets the Sea
VIIDetroit Was Built on Secrets
VIIAlready Over
VIII'll Sleep When I'm Dead
VIIIt Never Ends
VIIHearts Burst Into Fire
VIIWelcome Home
VIITonight Is Alive
VIISins of My Youth
VIIIMemories, Trade Mistakes
VIIIFar Beyond
VIII, XWe're Just the Footnote in Someone Else's Love Story, Heart Stops
VIIIThe Night of Your Life Is When You'll Die
VIIIWhat About Us
VIIIBitter Path
VIIIYou Do Something to Me
VIII, IXScared of Heights, Get Down
VIIITurn Off the Lights
VIIIHe's Just Not Me
VIII, XThis Is Letting Go, Satellite
VIIIThe Best Part
VIII, IXDo You Feel Better Yet?, The Best I Ever Had, Nothing More to Me
IXEnemy of the World
IXFit to Be Tied
IXTo the Victor Go the Spoils
IX1000 Yard Stare
IXDear Suzanne
IX, XCoast to Coast, Running in Circles
IXThe Taste the Touch
IXPlease Be My Girlfriend Again
IXWaking Up
IXGive It Up
IXProve It
IXDrill It in My Brain
IXThe Dream Is Over
IXSet the World on Fire
XJust the Way I'm Not
XShut Up & Kiss Me
XI Won't Spend Another Night Alone
XWhen the Sun Comes Up
XI Can Stop the World
XYou've Made Your Bed (So Sleep in It)
XFloat Through Me
XThe Artist in the Ambulance
XNo End Left in Sight
XBitter Truth
XWar of Change
XI Waited for You

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