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InfoCharacterSpecial Info
You can sail the seven seas! In this boat.He's a talking boat...sail sold seperately
Ruler of HyruleBoat by day, King by later that day
Main VillanWhat kind of stupid name is that, anyway?
Our silent heroSomeone seems to think he's a fairy
He's a little man in green tightsHe can decipher dancing
Link is just her typeShe gives you fire and ice arrows
Pirate girland pirate princess
You're his favorite swabbieHes so happy that he doesn't have to wash the other pirates dirty underwear anymore...
Your little sisterGive her back that dang telescope already, would you?
She makes your favorite soup for you!You only have to wear the hero's clothes for one day, she says!
Cute little bird girlValoo's assistant/ the earth sage(yes, EARTH)
Interesting tree boythe wind sage(WIND!) and a great violinist
Gives you farore's pearlhe's a talking tree
InfoCharacterSpecial Info
Gives you Din's pearlWhat a depressed prince...
Gives you Nayru's PearlWhat language are you speaking?!?
Watches over the skies of dragon roostUnless something messes with his tail
Pirate girl's real namePrincess? YOU?
He convinces the pirates to let you on boardHe's such a nice Rito
Pirate who finds Tetra right after you dono further comments
Rich girl gone poorher dad asks you for help
Poor girl gone richher dad practically knocks you over and begs for your help
you get the sail from himHe runs the happiest stall on windfall!
You're his pictographing apprenticeHe upgrades your pictobox to the deluxe pictobox
you get a customer appreciation card from himTHANK YOU!
Two little girls that give you hints for the expensive price of two rupeesThe answer is their nickname...they do give fairly helpful tips

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