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Yes, we plucked her majesty from her perch in the clouds...He's certainly unique!
...Our silent hero
The goddess, well, I, knew that you would throw yourself head first into danger if it meant protacting zelda...resident goddess
...there is an 85% probability he does this to avoid falling offshe 'helps' a lot...
You lay off the do right now! Everyone knows I've got the slickest pompador in town!nice hair *snicker*
do my words sting? let them...she's the old woman too?
Looks like your success hinges on feather or not you can find your bird in time...He asks you to get the adorable little kitty monster known as Mia
...but your going to go no matter what I say, aren't you?He teaches you the spiral charge
Well I can't just give the song to any old hero that flounders into my waters...Water dragon?
He's that creeeeepy guy you fought in skyview templeYou give him fruit
I will gladly teach you my part of the song!He made the volcano erupt in Link's face
you want to know what I know of the triforce?Every goddess needs a dad
...I tried to lift a barrel, and I could do it with one arm!he starts out weak...
have you come to laugh at me in my miserable state?he writes an...interesting love letter
Thanks mantis face.He sure loves bugs
I gave you that money to buy bread! not live a life of luxury!skyloft's noble training
No one holds the door open for a girl anymore? honestly!skyloft's noble knight in training's girlfriend
Hello Link, do you have anything to drop off with me, the girl who got over her broken heart and is getting prettier by the day?Don't bother her...she's busy staring at a wall
...I now it sounds crazy, a whole race of people that live on a legendary goddess isle, but it''s true bud!He researchs your home...and never once assumes that your from the sky
THANK YOU!buy something...or fall to your doom think that those cowards begot someone like you...Ghirahim is his sword's a bit fragile, but that shouldn't be a problem for someone as skilled as you!Cheery by day, blah by night
Do you like money? how about explosions?I THINK he's a mogma...
How's scrapper treating you?he's the scrap shop guy
Master shortpants! your in my way! I said move BZZRRT!He's hates Link, but loves Fi
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