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Notable QuoteCharacterSpecial Info
My god will resurect me without cease!He believes himself the rightful ruler of the twilight
By the way, you're just my type!She gives you special arrows in Wind Waker
Sir, are you, by chance, a fairy???A 35 year old in an elf suit
It fills my heart with rainbows!the demon lord, and evil sword spirit
I have observed that Ghirahim stands near the center of the platform, there is an 85% probability that he does this to avoid falling offAlmost as annoying as Navi
HEY! HEY! LISTEN! HEY! LOOK! HEY!The annoying blue fairy in Ocarina of Time
When a body is used by another, it can be called nothing but a puppet. This one has served its purpose, and it is useless.A very special mask
...........The silent hero of Legend of Zelda
You idiot! While you were off in dreamland, that monkey took your lantern!The true ruler of the twilight
And now I grant my eternal love to you...The Zora princess
Don't hit me I beg of you! I can explain! we were just playing the 'scream as loud as you can game!skyloft resident monster
Notable QuoteCharacterSpecial Info
You MUST get that mask within three days...god he's creepy
Hey! wait for me!...The fairy of yours in majora's mask get used to the taste of failure, it's your special flavor!His hair really IS appaling
........your shadow hates you
RAAAAAAAAA!you have to fight...a flower?(phantom hourglass)
so how long do you think this is going to go on? Do you have an estimate?pirate/princess...unique combination
What? you could hear the music from outside? I will have to practice more quietly from now on...He's the wind temple sage
I can understand some of the great Valoo's language(though I'm not exactly bursting with confidence...)She's the earth temple sage
Use the wind god's windA gaint dragon with tiny wings
My apologies, could you climb up to my crown and get it?A talking tree
*Speaking ancient hylian*A whale-god in wind waker

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