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Can you name words that contain 'Ow' or 'Ah'

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HintOw or Ah Word
A sacred candelabrum with seven branches
Large black bird
Hard reddish-brown timber
A facial expression that shows anger or disapproval
1946 film noir 'The Blue _________'
To permit
Alexander _____ Bell
Nocturnal bird of prey
Further in front of
A shaft sharpened at the front and with feathers or vanes at the back
HintOw or Ah Word
A call used in hailing
To turn up the earth for planting
Informal yes
A bird - usually raised for food
Prized gamefish also known as Ono in Hawaii
Eastern water pipe
A woman who has lost her husband by death
Not wide
Light white winter flakes
Give or bequeath an income or property to

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