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Can you name the things that contain an exclamation mark?

Updated Feb 16, 2012

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Hunter-gatherers of the Kalahari, famed for their unusual language
The first number in this famous musical is 'I Have a Dream'...
...and the first in this one is 'Oh What A Beautiful Mornin''
Codewords used in the Pearl Harbour attack, or a movie about the event
This band debuted in 2005 with the album 'A Fever You Can't Sweat Out'
Tim Burton's B-movie parody about a comedic alien invasion
A simpler way of saying 3,628,800
Sing along to this TV show's educational songs, like 'I'm Just a Bill'
Parker Brothers board game that's been bumping you back to start since 1934
Acclaimed documentary about a Canadian heavy metal band
I'd Do Anything to stop this film picking 2001's pocket as Best Picture 1968
This video game stars a wisecracking alien named Cryptosporidium-137...
...and this one stars a vine-swinging treasure hunter called Harry
This hit song popularized the phrase 'Shake it like a Polaroid picture!'
Harold (not Christopher) Lloyd dangled from a clock face in this comedy film
It's the third most visited website in America and the world
Soderbergh film in which Matt Damon steals millions (but not from a casino)
This British duo sang 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go', inspired by a misspelled note
This is the game show that has won the most Emmy awards...
...and this is the name of its famous theme tune.
Manga about the 'King of Games'; more specifically, 'Duel Monsters'
This reality TV show's title consists of a lie and an urgent request
It's a Beatles album... and movie... and #1 single
This Nintendo fighting game offered players a chance to K.O. Mike Tyson
Leslie Nielsen starred in this wacky slapstick comedy...
...and in this one, eight years later
It only takes a moment to remember that this is Wall-E's favourite film
You've got a 98.75% chance of receiving this kids' book when you graduate
Franchise that began as a newspaper panel and now owns 35 museums
Likely the only film where a prostitute sings 'Silly Love Songs' on an elephant

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