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Main Character
Main Character's Rival
Has a Crush on Main Character's Rival
Main Character's Rival's Brother
Copy Ninja
Teammate of the Copy Ninja
Founder of the Uchiha
Fan User
Kazekage's Brother (puppet master)
Hyuga Clan Genius
Has a Crush on the Main Character
Knows only Taijutsu
Bushy Brow Sensei
Genjutsu Master
Son of the Third Hokage
The Third Hokage
The Fifth Hokage
Toad (Pervy) Sage
Snake user of the Sannin
Bone User
Girl Member of Copy Ninja's Team
Ninja Tool User
Destroys the Hidden Leaf
The One Behind Pain
Paper Angel
Crystal Release User
Dog User
Blonde Hair Member of Squad 10
Feels No Emotions
Bug User
Shadow User
Loves to Eat Barbeque
The Sixth Hokage
The Second Hokage
The First Hokage
The Fourth Hokage
Main Character's Mother
Red Haired Member of the Taka
Honorable Grandson
Curse Mark User
Water User of the Hebi
Servant of Snake User
Ice Mirror User
Hidden Mist Demon
Eight Tails Jinchuriki
Blue Member of the Akatsuki
Has the Genes of the First Hokage
Immortal Member of the Akatsuki
Has 5 Hearts
Can Split Himself in Two
Uses Himself as a Puppet
Uses Explosives
Grandmother of Puppet Master from the Akatsuki
The White Fang of the Leaf Village
Original Teacher of Main Character
Apprentice of the Fifth Hokage
Ex-Student of Snake User

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