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Mean teacher person'Class, today's horrible lesson is about something horrible. Open your horrible textbooks to page 2038.'
Nice teacher person'Hey, kids! I didn't know your dad was a floating head'
Family of Zim'That was my squeezing arm. They took my squeezing arm! WHY MY SQUEEZING ARM?! AAAAAGGGHHH!!'
Zim's 'Bestest' friend'You're gonna love the circus!'
Otherwise known as 'Stacy''...and then my master flew to the moon on a rocket of flamin' cheese! I like cheese!'
The green kid'This has nothing to do with jelly!'
One of the only people with a brain in this whole cartoon'Go on! Laugh! But one day, you'll be sitting in your house feeling all safe and secure, and then you'll look over and I'll be there, doin' stuff!'
Stole the last Gameslave2'But... I'm a better gamer than you..'
Family of Zim'I know what will cheer you up' *Irish dances*
The 'smarter' of the two leaders of Irk'So, you're saying the humans are dumb, yet...tall. How is that even possible? How can anything tall be dumb?'
Scary gamer'That was your fate of the world work?! Jumping in a puddle?! You do realize I have to destroy you now.'
Enjoys donuts'SAVE THE DONUTS!'
Wrecked Zim's Voot Cruiser*buzzz*
School Counselor[looking at a picture of himself tied up in an alligator's mouth]
Some guy who seeks help from Dib after having been transformed into a horrible monster.NONE
Paranormal Investigator'Hmmm...the aliens must be controlling the cow...'
The short guyNONE
Most likely destroyed by an army of disfunctional SIR units.NONE
Girl scout'Wanna buy some chocolate ninja star COOKIES?! MISTER?! HUH?!'
Leads the 'Resisty''That's The Massive out there. My people designed most of that thing, so I know how powerful it is... We're gonna die!! Whose idea was this?!'
Trapped in food service for 20 years'Now put on this Happy Shloogorg costume and fill the customers with joy'
Poor and innocent creature, used by Zim to create a moosey fateHe was in a room.
Random kid'That's a stinking muffin!' | 'He likes wearing pants, Dib! Aliens don't like wearing pants!'
Mascot in 'Door to Door'NONE
trades the fate of a 'crisis' for Ninja Star cookiesNONE
The ultimate sidekick'Squeeek'
Zims most sarcastic servant.NONE
Sir unit that takes the form of a cat. NONE
Gir's best friend.He destroyed all the bad guys after eating Dib's head.
Enjoys making toast'Now, Gaz, if you could just put that can of beans in the proton oven! Be sure to take them out of the can or the explosion will destroy all human life!'
Her life was destroyed because of an alien and a snack machine'For longer than I can remember, I've been looking for someone like you. Someone with a head like yours and a torso too. Birds sing AND YOU'RE GONNA PAY! The end! HERE'S SOME MEAT COVERED IN BARBECUE SAUCE!'
Makes Gaz somewhat happy'Doo dee doo dee doo! Doo dee doo dee doo! Doo dee doo dee doo!'
He's an old kid'You think just cause someone looks different, you can call 'em an alien?'
long blue hair, sits in the first row'I want to be an astronaut!'
Spiky pink hair, sits in the second row'I think Dib seems crazier than normal today. Can we use one of the crazy cards to send him to the crazy house for boys?'
Destructive lawn decorationsThey shoot lasers 'n stuff.
Wants to be Zim's friend'I was born with webbed fish toes. Like some kind of...horrible fish boy. Wanna see?'
Wants to be Zim's friend'This place smells. Can I have a soda?'
Random Alien'You're the one we've been waiting for! The one foretold in the prophecies, told by...Frank!'
Random Alien'Yup. Told you he'd come.'
A Government Man'Ohohoho. He is not an alien lifeform. He is an experimental government aircraft!'
New class petUltra.
Planet Jacker'Quiet or I'll eat your head. Is that enough words for you?'
Zit boyNONE
Baby Neighbor'Do not call me by that name! It is demeaning to the proud and fierce race of the Nar-Gh'ok to be dubbed 'Noogums.''
Hosts Mysterious Mysteries'The kind of place where you dont even lock the door' *gets hit with popcorn*
Mall Security'Oh, it's not that simple my friend... Slab Rankle is not that easy to pull it over in defeat! Because Slab...and Rankle and, and Slab and... TIME FOR ZOMBIES!'
Believes in the Queen of Lice'You have lice, and until your condition improves, you will be detained here indefinitely!'
FBI agent'Hey, wait. You're... Dib, right? Did you ever get that ninja ghost out of your toilet?'

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