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Small pieces of infoCat
Died in the Great Battle, Rowanclaw's brother
In Crookedstar's Promise, Fallowtail's brother
Leader of ShadowClan for most of Yellowfang's Secret
Ancient cat, Half Moon's father
Berrynose's daughter
In Code of the Clans
Apprentice, never actually in the books, Ravenpaw and Dustpelt's sister
Possibly same character as above, In Spottedleaf's Honest Answer
SkyClan warrior, Sharpclaw's mate
Died as a kit, same situation as the character two above, unique prefix
In Sunrise, Rogue
Hawkheart's mentor, in Goosefeather's Curse
ShadowClan elder
Reincarnation, Lionblaze's mate
Medicine cat with a limp leg
Sol's mother
Former Guardian cat, now of ShadowClan
Killed Spottedleaf the first time
First ThunderClan medicine cat
Never appears, just listed in Sign of the Moon allegiances
Very old tribe cat, Stoneteller's mother, gives the final great battle prophecy
Forbidden relationship with Ryewhisker, caused the first rule of the Warrior Code
Goosefeather's mentor
SkyClan warrior, Hawkwing's sister
Deputy after Foxheart, never leader
In Tallstar's Revenge, Morningflower's mate
Leader of SkyClan when they were banished
Firestar's nephew, former kittypet
In the Ravenpaw's Path mangas, one of the kits
Small pieces of infoCat
One of the Ancients who moved to the mountains
Ancient ThunderClan warrior, Milkweed's daughter
Current ShadowClan deputy
In Code of the Clans, WindClan warrior
SkyClan warrior in the gorge, captured by twolegs
In the SkyClan super editions, rogue
Appears in Dawn, captured by twolegs but escapes
Guardian cat
Kittypet who stayed with ThunderClan for a while in The New Prophecy
ShadowClan warrior, unique prefix
RiverClan apprentice, never actually appears and is forgotten about. Unique prefix
In SkyClan super editions, rogue
Barn cat who lives with Smoky
Lived in a barn, adopted Micah as his son
Part of the Sisters
In SkyClan's Destiny, forgotten about
Rogue in A Forest Divided, killed by a fox
Dappletail's kit, never actually in the series
Notable RiverClan leader with a twisted jaw
WindClan warrior, unique prefix
Stillborn, Sun Shadow's sister
WindClan deputy, 1 dead girlfriend and 2 ex-wives
Former ShadowClan deputy, Dawnpelt's mate
WindClan elder, appeared in Forest of Secrets
ShadowClan cat, lived under 3 leaders, banished after Brokenstar became leader
Jake's mother
RiverClan warrior, unique prefix
Former SkyClan apprentice, left to be a Kittypet
Made in tribute to someone, technically doesn't exist in canon anymore
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