Warrior cats: All names beginning with B

Can you guess all the names beginning with B?

Small pieces of infoAnswer
Died under Brokenstar
Really old WindClan medicine cat
Loner who lives in the barn
Sorrelstripe's son
One of Slash's rogues
Also one of Slash's rogues, killed by a dog
One of Milkweed's kits, in Thunderstar's Echo
1 RiverClan, was in a forbidden relationship with Gorsetail that you never knew about
2 ThunderClan, Battles of the Clans
Mentioned on literally 1 page of SkyClan's Destiny
Ancient SkyClan leader, Code of the Clans
One of Darktail's victims
Oakstar's deputy who was there when Mapleshade was banished
One of Slash's rogues
Hailstar's son
Keeps appearing even after he died
Cherrytail's old friend, chose to not join SkyClan
Kittypet turned SkyClan Warrior
Stormcloud/Frankie's brother
ShadowClan warrior, left but then came back
Jerkass new deputy
Tallstar's Revenge, one of the rogues, Algernon's mate
In Hawkwing's Journey, kittypet
Victim of terrible SkyClan names
Ancient SkyClan cat
ShadowClan warrior, disappeared, died at a young age
Killed by Appledusk
Father of Dovewing and Ivypool
Leader 1
Leader 2
Leader 3
Tribe cat
Cloudstar's mate
Appears in Crookedstar's Promise
Small pieces of infoAnswer
SkyClan warrior at the gorge, captured and never seen again
In Warriors Refuge manga
Gray Wing's son
RiverClan, Code of the Clans
Mistystar's mate
ShadowClan leader for many series
Squirrelflight's Hope, ghost that she first encounters
Guardian cat turned ShadowClan Warrior
ShadowClan leader, tribute to creator of Warriors Wish
In Yellowfang's Secret, Featherstorm's second mate
Mapleshade's mentor, unique prefix
Ancient SkyClan cat
Millie's daughter
Current SkyClan warrior, Hawkwing's sister
Appears in Cats of the Clans, died under Brokenstar
Moth Flight's ThunderClan daughter, shy
Kit we never knew
One of the most well-known ThunderClan leaders
A street cat named
Scourge's deputy
Has one eye, Guardian cat
Former BloodClan member, now of ShadowClan
WindClan warrior, forgotten about
SkyClan, Actually quite a cute name
Guardian cat
Yellowfang's father
Everyone's favourite background character
Ancient SkyClan's last medicine cat
RiverClan cat you have never heard of
Shrewclaw's mother
Milkweed's dead kit
Kind RiverClan medicine cat in Crookedstar's Promise
Current leader of ThunderClan, now a ghost
1 from Hawkwing's Journey
Small pieces of infoAnswer
Windstar's friend before he left forever
Kind of alcohol
Made in honour of someone real
Daughter of Stormfur and Brook
RiverClan warrior you've never heard of
Jerkass, kinda redeemed?
Cheerful crippled cat
BloodClan cat
Clear Sky's first mate
Yellowfang's mother
Half her face torn away by a dog
Mudfur's mate
Made in honour of someone
Died before she could become leader, Flowerstar became leader instead
Appears in Code of the Clans
One of the original ThunderClan queens
Ancient leader, appears in Code of the Clans
Breezepelt's daughter
Broken Code protagonist
Died as a kit, Tallstar's half-brother
Never appears, only mentioned to have died in The Sun Trail
Fallen Leaves' mother
Terrible ShadowClan leader
Stormfur's tribe mate
ShadowClan apprentice, Littlecloud's brother
Really pretty name, Moth Flight's daughter
Turtle Tail's kittypet friend
Fake nice guy who harrased Dovewing
Formerly Rippletail
WindClan kit that appeared for 1 page before the authors forgot about it forever
Leader after Cloudstar
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