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Can you name the Reasons not to play Modern Warfare 2?

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These people hide in corners (usually with heartbeat sensor) and kill you when you run past them
Easily the cheapest weapon attachment in the game. Usually used with Danger Close.
Wielding 2 shotguns/pistols/SMG's at the same time.
This perk lets you teleport about 1/4 miles to knife somebody
These people aren't skilled enought to legitimately get nuke's so they cheat to get them with their friends.
Either when somebody comes back to life right behind you and kills you, or when you come back to life in the middle of a group of enemies and die.
When you get killed by bullets after you've already ran behind cover. Reminds me of the movie Wanted
This is what you get to call in when you get a certain number of kills in 1 life. They are way overpowered and people camp to get them. Hopefully you remembered your stingers.
I don't know if this bothers anyone as much as me. Type in the name of the fully automatic shotgun
What is the name of the weapon attachment that is basically a portable UAV and aids people in camping by detecting nearby enemies.

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