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People with no talent that resort to hiding in corners and setting up tons of claymores
Best weapon attachment ever. Unfortunately you only get 2 explosives...
2 guns = twice the fun...or twice the annoyance
Best third perk in the game. Increases your melee range from a few feet to about 3 football fields
About every other FFA game you enter there's some of these guys cheating to get nukes/headshots
Don't you just love it when you respawn with an enemy right behind you...or an enemy spawns right behind you?
Don't you love shooting a guy right in the head but it doesn't register? Or getting shot around a corner.
A perfect example of this is a chopper gunner/AC130 on wasteland. You may as well quit now.
The most unbalanced gun in the game. A fully automatic shotgun.
A personal UAV device right on your gun! I'll admit it helps you find campers though.
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Sure they took juggernaut out of the game, but they put in **** like painkiller which gives like triple health.
Getting put in a game 10 minutes in with your team down by 5000 points and the enemy team has an AC130 in the air.
$15 for 3 new maps and a couple CoD4 maps? Haha yeah right.
Using either of these 2 perks gives you unlimited grenade launcher rounds. Usually used with danger close.
Sniper's worst nightmare. You put a good shot dead center in a guys chest but instead of a kill you get a...
In CoD4 your backup weapon was a single pistol...but in MW2 you can have a shotgun, a machine pistol, an RPG, etc.
You somehow avoid commando and noob tubes long enough to get a 4 kill streak and call in your care package. Too bad you got this **** care package that everyone hates getting:
In CoD4 you had a regular scope or ACOG scope for your sniper. In MW2 they give you this cool new scope that makes enemies show up as glowing white blobs on any map!
Its not the gun itself I hate, but when people fire this sniper off like its an assault rifle without holding their breath or really aiming.
When the game picks the worst possible host. The guy in indonesia using wireless dial-up connection gets picked and gives everyone lag.

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