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Can you name all the Super Smash Bros. fighters!?

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Fighter DescriptionFighter
Red plumber of the Mushroom Kingdom!
The Hero swordsman from Hyrule!
A bounty hunter hailing from the stars!
Gun-wielding bipedal animal of the Lylat System!
Pink puffball with a huge appetite!
Banana-loving ape with a fashionable tie!
Hungry egg-laying dinosaur!
A mouse at high voltage!
The wacky, green, second banana!
A supersonic racer with a fiery spirit!
Singing, sleeping cute ball of air!
The 19XX boy from Onett!
King of the Koopas, and tyrant of fire!
Dainty princess, who gets kidnapped a lot!
Alter-ego man of first aid!
Bird of prey who personally prefers the air!
The power-hungry Gerudo of darkness!
Perfect team of friendly Eskimos!
The Hero-King from Archanea!
Genetic Pokémon with a savage heart!
3 frame LCD games featuring a 2-D man!
Tiny mouse with big sparks!
Fighter DescriptionFighter
Warrior with the burning blade!
Courageous child who defied the moon!
Skilled ninja with a golden harp!
Sacred princess with the Triforce of Wisdom!
Strong dragon from the flames!
Acrobatic chimpanzee with the gadget arsenal!
Mercenary who fought the Black Knight!
Stout reptile of nature!
King of Dream Land with a cuddly army!
A Pokémon who concentrates aura!
Psychic boy with a loss of family!
Masked knight with a massive battleship!
Tiny astronaut with a small, tough army!
Angel captain of Skyworld!
Skilled trainer of various creatures!
Robot who saved the video game industry!
Metal Gear destroying 'Man of Impossible Possible'
Speedy blue hedgehog. 'Come on, step it up!'
Turtle of hydrogen strength!
Cartoony warrior from Outset Island!
Rich, greedy, gassy man of muscle! (Or fat)
Rival of a certain space mammal!
Fighter DescriptionFighter
Flexible, agile hunter to end Space Pirates!
Turtle kid with evil ambitions!
Angel hunting witch of the Umbra Clan!
Midgar warrior with the giant steel sword!
Half-dragon prince of decisions!
The corrupt, mirrored self of a ignorant angel!
Humorous dog with a duck and a Zapper!
Water frog from the shadows!
Small boxer from Brooklyn!
Falchion-wielding impostor of the future!
A tough robot created by Dr. Light!
The fist fighter of many faces!
The many likenesses with a dangerous blade!
A always unique fighter wielding a cannon!
Pizza-shaped hungry yellow ball!
The Goddess of Light with a angel army!
A powerful mage with tactical strength!
Space princess of the galaxies!
Rough, tough, fearless street warrior!
A Homs that mastered the Monado Arts!
Friendly mayor of a town of animals!
Fitness trainer of no expression!

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