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Can you name the Zelda Bosses?

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Dungeon (Title)BossGame
Sea of Trees (Guardian of the Sea of Trees)Four Swords
Talus Cave (Guardian of Talus Cave)Four Swords
Death Mountain (Guardian of Death Mountain)Four Swords
Palace of Winds (Wind Mage)Four Swords
Dragon Roost IslandThe Wind Waker
Forbidden WoodsThe Wind Waker
Tower of the Gods (The Great Arbiter)The Wind Waker
Forsaken FortressThe Wind Waker
Earth Temple (Protector of the Seal)The Wind Waker
Wind Temple (Protector of the Seal)The Wind Waker
???'s TowerThe Wind Waker
???'s TowerThe Wind Waker
Eatern Hyrule & Temple of DarknessFour Swords Adventures
Eastern TempleFour Swords Adventures
Death MountainFour Swords Adventures
The Swamp & Infiltration of Hyrule CastleFour Swords Adventures
PyramidFour Swords Adventures
Tower of WindsFour Swords Adventures
Palace of WindsFour Swords Adventures
Dungeon (Title)BossGame
Tower of WindsFour Swords Adventures
Deepwood ShrineThe Minish Cap
Cave of FlamesThe Minish Cap
Fortress of WindsThe Minish Cap
Temple of DropletsThe Minish Cap
Palace of WindsThe Minish Cap
Dark Hyrule CastleThe Minish Cap
Forest Temple (Twilit Parasite)Twilight Princess
Goron Mines (Twilit Igniter)Twilight Princess
Lakebed Temple (Twilit Aquatic)Twilight Princess
Arbiter's Grounds (Twilit Fossil)Twilight Princess
Snowpeak Ruins (Twilit Ice Mass)Twilight Princess
Temple of Time (Twilit Arachnid)Twilight Princess
City in the Sky (Twilit Dragon)Twilight Princess
Palace of Twilight (Usurper King)Twilight Princess
Hyrule Castle (???'s Puppet)Twilight Princess
Hyrule Castle (Dark Beast)Twilight Princess
Hyrule Field (Dark Lord)Twilight Princess

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