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QUIZ: Can you name the Zelda Bosses?

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Dungeon (Title)BossGame
Inside the Deku Tree (Parasitic Armored Arachnid)Ocarina of Time
Dodongo's Cavern (Infernal Dinosaur)Ocarina of Time
Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly (Bio-Electric Anemone)Ocarina of Time
Forest Temple (Evil Spirit from Beyond)Ocarina of Time
Fire Temple (Subterranean Lava Dragon)Ocarina of Time
Water Temple (Giant Aquatic Amoeba)Ocarina of Time
Shadow Temple (Phantom Shadow Beast)Ocarina of Time
Spirit Temple (Sorceress Sisters)Ocarina of Time
???'s Tower (Great King of Evil)Ocarina of Time
???'s TowerOcarina of Time
Woodfall Temple (Masked Jungle Warrior)Majora's Mask
Snowhead Temple (Masked Mechanical Monster)Majora's Mask
Great Bay Temple (Gargantuan Masked Fish)Majora's Mask
Stone Tower Temple (Giant Masked Insect)Majora's Mask
Inside the MoonMajora's Mask
Inside the MoonMajora's Mask
Inside the MoonMajora's Mask
Spirit's GraveOracle of Ages
Wing DungeonOracle of Ages
Dungeon (Title)BossGame
Moonlit GrottoOracle of Ages
Skull DungeonOracle of Ages
Crown DungeonOracle of Ages
Mermaid's CaveOracle of Ages
Jabu-Jabu's BellyOracle of Ages
Ancient TombOracle of Ages
Black TowerOracle of Ages
Room of RitesOracle of Ages/Seasons
Room of RitesOracle of Ages/Seasons
Gnarled Root DungeonOracle of Seasons
Snake's RemainsOracle of Seasons
Poison Moth's LairOracle of Seasons
Dancing Dragon DungeonOracle of Seasons
Unicorn's CaveOracle of Seasons
Ancient RuinsOracle of Seasons
Explorer's CryptOracle of Seasons
Sword & Shield MazeOracle of Seasons
???'s CastleOracle of Seasons

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