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Can you name the Zelda Bosses?

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EagleThe Legend of Zelda
MoonThe Legend of Zelda
ManjiThe Legend of Zelda
SnakeThe Legend of Zelda
LizardThe Legend of Zelda
DragonThe Legend of Zelda
DemonThe Legend of Zelda
LionThe Legend of Zelda
Death MountainThe Legend of Zelda
Parapa PalaceThe Adventure of Link
Midoro PalaceThe Adventure of Link
Island PalaceThe Adventure of Link
Maze Island PalaceThe Adventure of Link
Palace on the SeaThe Adventure of Link
Three-Eye Rock PalaceThe Adventure of Link
Great PalaceThe Adventure of Link
Great PalaceThe Adventure of Link
Eastern PalaceA Link to the Past
Desert PalaceA Link to the Past
Tower of HeraA Link to the Past
Hyrule Castle & Ganon's TowerA Link to the Past
Palace of DarknessA Link to the Past
Swamp PalaceA Link to the Past
Skull WoodsA Link to the Past
Thieves' TownA Link to the Past
Ice PalaceA Link to the Past
Misery MireA Link to the Past
Turtle RockA Link to the Past
Pyramid of PowerA Link to the Past
Tail CaveLink's Awakening
Bottle GrottoLink's Awakening
Key CavernLink's Awakening
Angler's TunnelLink's Awakening
Catfish's MawLink's Awakening
Face ShrineLink's Awakening
Eagle's TowerLink's Awakening
Turtle RockLink's Awakening
Wind Fish's EggLink's Awakening
Colour DungeonLink's Awakening DX

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