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QUIZ: Can you name the Steel Types by the given trivia?

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It is the slowest Steel Type.
This Pokemon is tied for the highest base Special Defense of all Steel-Types.
It is one of two Pokemon that has several different EV yields.
It is based off of the Protoceratops.
It is the only member of a pseudo-legendary evolution line that can only learn one move via leveling up.
It is possible for this Pokemon to have the lowest base Defence of all Steel-types.
The castle wall in the Courtyard Colosseum resembles this Pokemon's face
Its German name is Kliklak.
In Generation V, its eyes turn white when it is asleep.
It is the only Pokemon capable of learning Crafty Shield.
In Pokemon Ranger, this Pokemon damages the Capture Line simply by touching it.
It is based off of the Korean monster known the Pulgasari.
It has the highest base Defense of all Fighting Types.
It is the heaviest Pokemon that can learn Heavy Slam & get STAB from it, therefore Heavy Slam is most potent when used by this Pokemon.
It represents June in the Unova Horoscope.
It is the lightest Steel Type, weighing only 2.4lbs.
The Spanish translation team suggested a name change due to a similarity to the Spanish word for seaweed.
It & its pre-evolution's typings comprise of the two types introduced in Generation II.
This Pokemon & pre-evolutions are the Pokemon with the most resistances.
It is the only Pokemon whose name is an anagram of a Berry.
Before the Generation IV games were released, this Pokemon was presumed to be legendary.
It is roughly the same height as Napoleon Bonaparte.
It is used by all of the Galactic Commanders (not counting Charon as you don't battle him).
Its British, North American and Japanese Diamond & Pearl sprite showed it doing a Nazi salute. This was swiftly changed in Platinum.
It is tied for being the slowest fully evolved Pokemon.
Its Japanese name is ギギギアル (Gigigiaru).
It is the only Pokemon whose Pokedex entry mentions a villainous team, in this case Team Plasma.
It & its evolution are the only Pokemon to have Defiant as a non-Hidden Ability.
It has the highest base HP of all Steel-Types.
It had its typing changed in Generation VI.
During Generation V, it was the most traded Pokemon on the GTS.
It is the only Pokemon whose base stat total does not change after evolution.
It is one of the few Pokemon that has a different sprite in all 3 Generation II games.
It & its pre-evolutions are the only non-legendary Pokemon to have a catch rate of 3, the lowest in the games.
It is based off of the Japanese legend of tsukumogami.
It has appeared in every regional Pokedex along with its pre-evolution & a select few others.
It is the prey of Heatmor.
Despite it having a gender & it being compatible with other TMs, this Pokemon can't learn Attract. It shares this trait with its pre-evolution & 3 other Pokemon.
Its French name is Dimoclès.
Even though it is shown floating in the games & anime, it does not have Levitate for an ability.
Its Johto & Unova Pokedex numbers are the same (#203).
It has the most double resistances of all Pokemon with five: Steel, Bug, Grass, Ice & Fairy.

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