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Forced Order
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What is the first enemy Shulk faces in the game?
What is the name of the landmark in Alcamoth where the party are attacked by the Bionite Order?
What is the weakest weapon in the game?
Who is the fourth person to join your party?
What is the only attack does infinite damage?
Which song plays when fighting a Unique Monster?
Who is the oldest named characater?
The Glowmoss Trihenge landmark is in which area?
Completing the Other section of the Collectopaedia gets you what gem?
Which British actress does the voice of Melia Antiqua?
What is true identity of Metal Face?
What is the name of Egil's Faced Mechon?
What level is Ancient Daedala?
There are two optional Monado Arts. Armour is one of them, what is the other?
What was Zanza's original name?

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