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Can you name the Fire Emblem: Awakening Characters?

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Forced Order
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Original ClassNameChapter the Character is Recruited in
ArcherUnwelcome Change
TroubadourThe Exalt & the King
ClericThe Verge of History
Pegasus KnightIncursion
KnightA Duel Disgraced
TricksterThe Dead King's Lament
Wyvern RiderTwin Wyerns
WarriorInvisible Ties
Pegasus KnightWarrior Realm
ManaketeThe Threat of Silence
SageA Hard Miracle
Great KnightThe Verge of History
MercenaryThe Grimleal
War MonkEmmeryn
Class VariesDisowned by Time
ManaketeDaughter to Dragons
MercenaryA Man for Flowers
LordThe Verge of History
SwordmasterSmoldering Resistance
TaguelRival Bands
Dark MageEmmeryn
Original ClassNameChapter the Character is Recruited in
ManaketeThe Grimleal
ConquerorIrreconcilable Paths
Dark FlierThe Wellspring of Truth
VillagerSickle to Sword
TacticianThe Verge of History
DancerMad King Gangrel
CavalierUnwelcome Change
KnightWarrior Realm
ArcherA Shot from the Dark
HeroThe Radiant Hero
Wyvern RiderThe Seacomers
HeroInvisible Ties
MageThe Exalt & the King
MyrmidonScion of Legend
MyrmidonTwo Falchions
SwordmasterGhost of a Blade
TricksterAnna the Merchant
Pegasus KnightWings of Justice
Dark MageOf Sacred Blood
PriestNoble Lineage
MageShadow in the Sands
LordOf Sacred Blood

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