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QUIZ: Can you name the Professor Layton and the Curious Village Characters?

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The chess-loving restaurant patron.
The strangely normal, little girl.
The false inspector.
Layton's 'fellow sleuth', apparently.
The daughter of the late baron.
The late baron of St. Mystere.
The man with the world's shortest fuse.
The baron's first wife who has a memorial in the Manor's grounds.
The retired nanny of the Manor.
St. Mystere's sewer-dwelling park keeper.
The restaurant owner who never has the right pitchers.
A strange man who answers his own questions but hates being ignored.
The village's resident binge eater.
The bespectacled dead man.
The man who runs the Village Hall.
The rotund chap who sweats profusely.
The butler who works in the Manor.
The gambling woman with a playing card obsession.
Collect my parts!
Layton's pointy-haired nemesis.
The angry bridge operator.
The stall-holder with the blue vase.
The inn manager.
The gloomy, pointing fortune teller.
The world's worst explorer.
The nocturnal cafe owner.
The laughing lady.
The baron's good friend.
The unfinished novelist.
The baron's widow who called for Layton in the first place.
The smiley clock tower blocker.
The disappearing servant.
The 'interesting' puzzle lady.
The puzzle-less friend of the servant.
The caretaker of the Tower of St. Mystere.
The citizen with an uncanny knack for losing things.
The mysterious mustachioed man.

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