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It is tied for the fastest Ghost-Type.
In Gold & Silver, its coloration differed from that of its official artwork. This was rectified in Crystal.
Its French name is Grelaçon.
This Pokemon can only evolve at night.
It has the highest defense of all Ice-Types.
It shares its species name with Clamperl & its pre-evolution.
It is the first Pokemon by alphabetical order.
Before Generation VI, it was the heaviest Ice-Type Pokemon.
Its beta name was 'Manaty'.
It can learn Attract despite the fact that it is genderless. The only other Pokemon that can do this is Mew.
It & its evolutions are the only Pokemon weak to all of the starter types.
It is one of the 2 Pokemon to use telepathy in a regular episode of the anime.
It is the lightest Normal-Type.
Its German name is Petznief.
It has exactly the same base stats as Phione.
The 'Pokemon Ultimate Handbook' incorrectly states that this Pokemon is legendary.
It has the highest base HP of all Ice-Types.
Jessie (of Team Rocket fame) has an obsession with this Pokemon.
It has the highest Special Defense of all of the Ice Types.
It has the longest cry of all Pokemon.
Its Japanese name is トドゼルガ(Todoseruga).
Its French name is Phogleur.
It has the most interchangeable forms of any non-legendary.
It has two different base stat totals, both of which are unique.
Its Japanese name comes from the English words tundra & bear.
According to Game Freak, this Pokemon & its evolutionary family were created by James Turner.
It & its evolutionary family are the only Pokemon resistant to all weather types without the aid of an ability.
It is the only Pokemon with a base stat total of 334
It was the last Generation 1 Pokemon to appear in the anime.
Its Japanese name is the same as the English name of one of the Hoenn Elite Four.
It is tied for the highest base stat total of any non-legendary Ice Type.
It is a parallel to Seel.
Its German name is Schneppke.
It resembles a Casteliacone.
It weighs as much Generation IV female protagonist, Dawn. This trait is shared with Porygon-Z.

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