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QUIZ: Can you name the Ghost Pokemon by the Trivia given?

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Before Generation VI, this Pokemon had the highest base Special Defense of all Ghost Types.
It is the first ghost in the real sense of the word (deceased human).
It represents October in the Unova Horoscope.
It was created by James Turner.
Due to the censor on GTS, this Pokemon cannot be traded online in Black & White.
It has the same Base HP, Attack & Defense as its pre-evolution.
Its French name is Moyade.
It drains a person's life force when held.
It is the counterpart of Murkrow.
It shares its species name with Qwilfish.
It is the only dual-type to have a weakness to both of its own types.
It has a 5% chance of holding Light Clay despite the fact that it cannot learn Light Screen or Reflect.
It has the highest Defense of all Generation V Pokemon.
Its beta name was 'Spirit'.
This Pokemon's Japanese name (オーロット Ōrotto) was revealed several months before the release of X & Y but its English name wasn't revealed until the release date.
It has the number 108 as a theme. Its Defense & Special Defense are both 108, 108 is its Pokedex number in the region it debuted in & it weighs 108 kilos.
It is the counterpart of Mawile.
The only Pokemon who has Levitate but its evolutions do not.
These Pokemon are said to be the spirits of children.
If it opens its mouth, cursed energy would escape. Despite that fact, the anime shows it opening its mouth several times.
This Pokemon & its evolution comes in 4 different sizes.
It only ever has 1 HP, even at LV 100.
Its Generation III sprit
In one of its Formes, this Pokemon has the highest Sp. Attack of all Ghost-Types.
It & ite had 4 fingers on each hand, despite its Sugimori artwork havs pre-evolution were the only Pokemon to have 2 signature Abilities before the announcement of the Flabebe line
Its cry was changed in Generation 3.
It is tied for the lowest Speed of all Fire types.
Before Generation VI, it had the highest base Special Attack of all non-legendaries.
It feeds off of envy.
It was designed by Hitoshi Ariga.
It has unused Dream World artwork for its female form (only the male form is used).
This Pokemon is owned by Diantha.
When this Pokemon is encountered, the music for a legendary encounter is played even though it isn't legendary.
It can be heard landing on the floor, despite the fact that it has the ability Levitate.

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