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It was the first Dragon type Pokemon to be part of a two part evolution.
It is the fastest Dragon as of Generation VI.
According to the Pokedex, it is blind & its horns act as radar
It is the heaviest Generation V Pokemon.
The only non-legendary Dragon to not have a weakness to Ice.
As of Generation V, it had the lowest Special Attack & the lowest Speed of any fully evolved Dragon.
Upon evolution, this Pokemon's secondary type changes to Dragon.
It is the only Pokemon whose name does not start with a capital in a language which uses the Latin alphabet as its German name is eF-eM.
It is the only Pokemon to have the letters in its name in alphabetical order.
As of Generation V, it was the lightest Dragon-Type Pokemon.
Their scales were stated to be a cure for sickness.
Out of all Pokemon that evolve by level, this Pokemon's pre-evolution evolves at the highest level (64).
It shares both its English & Japanese species names with Xatu.
In Generation V, it is the only member of its trio that can legitimately be found Shiny.
Its evolution series have their anime debuts in reverse order.
It is the only Dragon that isn't weak to Dragon.
It shares a unique Hidden Ability with Lugia, as well as the title 'Guardian of the Sea'.
It has the highest base HP of all legendaries.
It has the highest Defense of all non-legendary Dragons.
It weighs as much as Generation II protagonist, Ethan.
As of Generation VI, it is last Pokemon in alphabetical order
In Pokepark 1 & 2, its sprite & its stated gender conflict as it has the female sprite but it is stated as male.
It is the only Pokemon to appear as a boss in a different franchise.
It shares its name with a Hong Kong airline.
It is one of the select few Pokemon that speak exclusively in capitals in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.
It is the only single-type pseudo-legendary.
All of its stats increase by 30 when it evolves.
It has the highest defense of all non-Legendary Dragons.
It has the highest base Attack of any non-legendary Dragon.
It appeared as a float in 2010 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
It is the current lightest Dragon-type.
It shares its abilities with Gyarados.
Its German name is Kindwurm.
It was the first Generation V Pokemon designed.
It was first seen along with Servine, Dewott & Woobat.
When holding a certain item, it can have the highest base Attack of all Pokemon, surpassing even Attack Forme Deoxys.
This Pokemon & its evolution were designed by Hitoshi Ariga.
As of Generation V, it was the last Pokemon in alphabetical order.

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