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Forced Order
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There are only 2 games in which this Pokemon can be found before seeing the end credits, XD & Platinum.
Its designer was different to that of its pre-evolution.
This Pokemon's English name is derived from a word with Japanese origin, whereas its Japanese name is partly derived from a word with Western roots (namely Italian).
It has the highest Defense of all Dark Types.
It has the highest base stat total of all Rock types.
This Pokemon is blind until it evolves.
Ash owns one of these (now in its final evolutionary stage) which had an obsession with a certain piece of eyewear.
According to its Black Pokedex, it is made of blades which is sharpens on stones from rivers.
Its German name is Blanas.
It shares its species name with Ninjask.
The Generation V Pokedex entries for this Pokemon state that their sharp fangs can tear boat hulls to shreds.
Its German name is Caesurio.
This Pokemon was originally meant of be a cyborg but that idea was scrapped & the evolution series was redesigned around the theme of Yamata no Orochi.
This Pokemon has never been seen using a Dark Type move in the anime, despite several appearances.
It has the lowest HP, Special Attack & Special Defense of all Dark Types.
This Pokemon may be based off the Norse legends of Veðrfölnir or Hræsvelgr.
All of its stats are exactly 10 points higher than its pre-evolution's except for Speed which is 9 points higher.
It is the only Fighting-type that belong in the Dragon Egg Group.
This Pokemon was apparently added late in the development of Pokemon Black & White.
It has the lowest Attack of all Dark Types.
It was first revealed on the February 7th, 2010 edition of Pokemon Sunday.
According to its Diamond Pokedex entry, it can make scrap of a car with its clawed arms & its claws release poison at the tips.
It has 3 different sprites in both Generation II & Generation IV. It is one of very few Pokemon to have this distinction.
It weighs as much as Lucas (in Diamond & Pearl). This trait is shared with Fearow, Togekiss, Yanma & Sudowoodo.
Its Japanese name is スカンプー (Skunpoo).
It is based on a mixture of the Baryonyx & a criminal.
A level 12 version of this Pokemon with no ability appeared in a demo version of Ruby & Sapphire.
It is based upon a mixture of the red swamp crayfish & the lobster.
It is impossible to get a 'seen' Pokedex entry for this Pokemon in Black & White without cheating.
This Pokemon appears in many places where disasters are going to happen or have happened, including Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet, the Giant Chasm & Altru Tower (Shadows of Almia).
Before the addition of the Fairy type, this Pokemon had no weakness.
The three gems on its back may be a reference to the games of the generation it debuted in.
Its English name was revealed on the same day as Mime Jr.'s.
It based on a mixture of the leopard cat & the black panther.
Its French name is Grahyena.
Despite being a Generation II Pokemon, it can only be found in Kanto in Gold, Silver & Crystal.
This Pokemon is said to fight with itself for food.
It is a counterpart to Ludicolo.
It is the only Pokemon whose evolution involves the 3DS gyroscope.
Its evolution family are the only non-Water-type Pokemon in the Water 2 Egg Pokemon
It is assumed that this Pokemon cursed Sailor Eldritch's son.
It is one of Gligar's two parallels.
It is one of only two non-legendary Pokemon (the other being its evolution) to be event exclusive in at least one game.
It & it's pre-evolution's egg group combination (Grass & Human-Like) is unique.

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