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Can you name the Intellivision's complete game library?

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Board GameHit the bar.
AdventureHissssss. Roarrrrrr.
Role-PlayingSame license as the answer above.
ShooterThe sky is falling.
ShooterLost city.
RacingOverhead view.
SimulationIntellivoice cartridge.
ShooterShoot monsters & aliens on a grid.
ActionSimilar to a certain ape game.
ShooterDeliver supplies to Earth.
Sports12 characters, including Baron Von Thud.
PuzzleIntellivoice cartridge.
SportsBlue. Red. Tan. Dark Green. Light Green. Yellow.
RacingLeaping car.
ActionPepper spray.
ShooterFlight of the bumblebees.
ShooterYellow ducks. White rabbits. Red owls.
ShooterMushrooms and spiders.
SportsUpgraded version of a previous release.
Board GameKing me.
SportsDesign your own course.
ShooterThis one doesn't star Arnie as Matrix.
ActionIsometric ape chasing.
ShooterProtect the humanoids.
ShooterRetaliation for an attack on the moon.
ActionPepper spray sequel.
ActionIt's hammer time.
ActionRescue your father.
ActionNeck biter.
ActionRetake your castle.
ShooterDefend the planet Terra.
EducationalArithmetic with a dancing gorilla.
EducationalSpelling/letters but no dancing gorilla.
ActionFly like a seagull.
ActionTongue lashing.
ActionLook both ways.
PuzzleRoad crew.
SportsJockeying for position.
ShooterAerial firefighter.
ActionViking expedition.
EducationalFeatures a cartoon family.
ActionOh, yeaahh!
ActionCoccinellid maze muncher.
Card GameIncludes two card games.
GamblingAlways bet on black!
EducationalUpgrade of another Intellivision arithmetic game.
EducationalUpgrade of another Intellivision spelling/letters game.
ActionCops and robbers.
PuzzleAll aboard!
SportsDigitized speech.
ActionI have the power!
EducationalMusic synthesizer.
ActionRobot probe in the blood stream.
Board GameFuturistic take on a classic.
ShooterChange altitude to dodge enemy fire.
RacingBuild your own track.
SportsUpgrade to a previous game.
ActionBats, cannons and a crazy computer.
SportsStart guessing every sport.
SportsAnother sport with a ball.
SportsYou don't really need a hint.
SportsDoesn't use a ball.
ShooterKiller robots.
ShooterDefend four cities.
ActionI got _______ fever.
SportsChoose weights and speeds.
SportsWedge it.
TraditionalTommy's good at it.
Adventure20 minute treasure hunt.
RacingOdd game to turn into a cartoon.
ActionEat your spinach.
Board GameAlso known as Othello.
ShooterDon't forget to fuel up.
Card GameHearts, Crazy Eights, Rummy, and Gin Rummy.
RacingImagic spy game.
StrategyDon't run ashore.
AdventureNew York underground.
ActionUnder the sea.
Multi-GenreFour mini-games. Pow!
SportsBe the owner, manager, and player.
SportsMinor upgrade over previous title.
ShooterClone of a Taito classic.
StrategyDefend your mothership from aliens.
ShooterAsteroids without the ship.
SimulationIntellivoice cartridge.
Sports2-player vs. or co-op.
RacingMonster Truck Rally on the NES.
ActionKeep them dogies movin'.
ShooterInspired by the Death Star trench run.
ShooterThe battle of Hoth.
SimulationFire the torpedoes.
ShooterSequel to Scramble.
SportsTrack & field.
SportsEnhanced version of a previous release.
AdventureImagic's dungeon explorer.
SportsPong evolved.
ActionBased on the arcade game Disco No. 1.
ActionSlay dragons, wizards, and demons.
AdventureSearch mazes for treasure.
Multi-GenreBi-planes, car racing, and tanks.
Board GameThree previously released games on one cartridge.
ActionShipwrecked on an island.
ActionMovie-based frisbee combat.
ActionMovie-based computer navigation.
ActionMovie-based Intellivoice cartridge.
RacingDrive around the USA making deliveries.
RacingSpeed through a variety of locations.
AdventureTomb raider.
SportsWatch out for that tree.
Board GameA game of strategy.
SimulationRebels! Pirates! Hurricanes!
ActionBuild energy bases.
AdventureBased on an arcade game by Exidy.
ActionNavigate a raft through a wild river.
SportsSequel to a previous release.
SportsAdvanced version of a previous release.
SportsIncludes statistics of real players but not names.
ShooterProtect the corn.
ShooterLacks the isometric perspective of the arcade game.

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