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1. In each Street Fighter game, fighters come together to compete in an international _____.
2. The round lasts until a fighter's _____ is entirely depleted.
3. You can do great damage by stringing successive hits together in a _____.
4. If time runs out and both fighters have equal health, the match is a _____.
5. Who is the final boss of the original Street Fighter?
6. Who is the final boss of Street Fighter II and the Street Fighter Alpha series?
7. Who is the final boss of the Street Fighter III series?
8. Who is the final boss of the Street Fighter IV series?
9. Street Fighter II includes a bonus stage where you destroy a:
10. As well as a bonus stage where you destroy _____ as they fall from the ceiling.
11. Super Street Fighter II includes a bonus stage where you destroy a pile of:
12. Name the move: Guile flings a whirling projectile that travels across the screen.
13. Name the move: Ryu throws a blue fireball, also known as a:
14. Name the move: Ken attacks with a rising, flaming dragon punch, also known as a:
15. Name the move: Dhalsim spits a burst of mystical fire.
16. Ryu, E. Honda, Sakura and Ibuki all hail from:
17. Chun Li, Gen, Yun and Yang all hail from:
18. Ken, Alex, Guile, and Balrog all hail from:
19. In Street Fighter III, when your EX gauge is full, you can launch a powerful attack called a:
20. In Street Fighter IV, when your Revenge gauge is full, you can launch a devastating attack known as an:
21. From the Street Fighter Alpha series onward, you can mock your opponents by:
22. An opponent who blocks special attacks can still take harm from:
23. Opponents who take too many hits in a row are liable to become:
24. Many Final Fight characters appear as playable fighters in the Street Fighter series. Name one.
25. M. Bison is the leader of a criminal organization known as:
26. Ryu becomes Evil Ryu when he is corrupted by the dark power of the:
27. Guile is out to avenge the death of his partner, ______.
28. Dan is a master of this less than effective martial art.
29. Name the move: Sagat launches a knee in a jumping arc across the screen.
30. Name the move: Cammy launches a rising vertical kick on opponents jumping in.
31. Name the move: Adon hops back and then flies across the screen with a diving kick.
32. Cammy and Dudley hail from:
33. Sagat and Adon hail from:
34. Remy and Abel hail from:
35. Hugo, Juli and Juni hail from:
36. This mysterious masked fighter appears as a hidden boss in SF3: 3rd Strike.
37. The magazine EGM once teased readers with this unlockable boss, who remained an urban myth for years before finally appearing in SF4 as Gouken.
38. In Street Fighter x Tekken, the fighters pair off and battle to unlock the power within the ancient artifact known as:
39. What company makes the Street Fighter series?
40. Just when you think you've defeated Gill, what does he do next?

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