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Can you name the Spy achievements in Team Fortress 2?

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Kill a gun-wielding spy with your knife
Backstab your Steam Community friends 10 times
Survive 30 seconds after being ignited while cloaked
Get a revenge kill with a backstab
Kill an engineer who is working on a sentry
Backstab a disguised spy
Use Cloak and Dagger to kill the same enemy 3 times in the same area in one life
Kill a sniper after your backstab breaks his Razorback
Kill 50 enemies with the Ambassador
Backstab a medic ready to deploy an Ubercharge
Provide a freezecam shot of you flicking a cigarette onto an enemy's corpse
Backstab a medic who has healed you in the last 5 seconds
Backstab an enemy who is dominating 3 of your teammates
Backstab the enemy you are currently disguised as
Kill an enemy as you are being healed by an enemy medic
Backstab 50 enemies who are capturing control points
Sap a sentry within 3 seconds of a teammate sapping another
Backstab an enemy and the medic healing him within 10 seconds
Start capturing a control point within a second of it becoming available
Kill 15 enemies who are standing on a control point they own
Destroy 1000 engineer buildings with sappers
Sap a building and backstab the engineer who built it within 5 seconds
Headshot 20 snipers with the Ambassador
Backstab an enemy who then switches to pyro before respawning
Kill an enemy who triggered your fake death within the last 20 seconds
While cloaked, bump into a cloaked enemy spy
Backstab 1000 enemies
Stab an enemy while fencing
Backstab an engineer and sap 3 of his buildings within 10 seconds
Dominate a sniper
Backstab 3 snipers in a single life
Stab an enemy to death while suffering from jarate
Headshot 3 scouts with the Ambassador
Backstab 3 enemies within 10 seconds

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