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Can you name the Demoman achievements in Team Fortress 2?

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Use a full-charge critical swing from the Eyelander to kill 5 enemies
Destroy an engineer building you can't see via a direct hit from the grenade launcher
Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of your smiley face
Decapitate 50 enemies
Kill 200 players defending a capture point or cart
Bounce an enemy into the air and kill them before they land
Destroy 50 buildings
Kill 2 people in a single sticky jump
Kill 25 scouts and pyros with the grenade launcher
Use the sticky launcher to kill an enemy with environmental damage
Sticky jump a really long way
Kill 500 enemy soldiers
Kill 50 enemies with direct hits from the grenade launcher
Decapitate 4 enemies with only 10 seconds between each kill
Kill an enemy player with sticky bombs within 5 seconds of them teleporting
Kill at least 3 players with a single detonation of sticky bombs
Destroy 100 sticky bombs with the Scottish Resistance
Kill 3 enemies capping or pushing a cart with a single sticky detonation 3 times
Glory in the slaughter of your enemies using the Eyelander
Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you shaking your rump
Decapitate a cloaked spy
Decapitate a soldier who is using the Equalizer
Kill 30 enemies with air burst sticky bombs
Kill 20 spies within 5 seconds of them sapping a friendly building
Use the Scottish Resistance to kill 3 players in separate explosions without placing new bombs
Destroy 5 enemy engineer buildings during a single Ubercharge
Deal 1,000,000 points of total blast damage
Blow up an engineer, his sentry, and his dispenser with one sticky explosion
Sticky jump onto a control point and capture it
Get a melee kill while sticky jumping
Kill 5 heavies from full health with one stickybomb detonation
Charge and kill someone with your shield bash
Decapitate your nemesis
Dominate 3 engineers
Kill 10 enemies with or assisted by another demoman

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