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1. Who is the protagonist of the Mass Effect trilogy?
2. These genocidal machines threaten the entire galaxy.
3. This ancient space station is the hub of interstellar civilization.
4. What is the name of the Commander's ship?
5. Name the squadmate: A Turian C-sec officer with superb marksmanship and calibration skills.
6. Name the squadmate: A youthful Asari scientist who studies ancient civilizations.
7. Name the squadmate: A Krogan soldier who seeks to unify the warring clans.
8. What is the name of the ancient spacefaring race that built the Beacon?
9. The Citadel is repaired and maintained by these tireless insect overseers.
10. Some soldiers have the ability to launch psychic attacks with the use of _____.
11. Characters interface with various devices via an arm-mounted holographic ____.
12. Wounds can be healed, and fallen squadmates revived, with the application of ____.
13. These elite agents represent the very best of soldiers and law enforcement.
14. What is the name of the Galactic Council's flagship?
15. What is the name of the virtual intelligence that dispenses information about the Citadel?
16. The Reapers induce obedience in organics by subjugating their mind. This is known as:
17. This Turian Spectre was manipulated by Sovereign into attacking the Citadel.
18. This secretive human faction recruits Shepard in Mass Effect 2.
19. In ME2, entire human colonies are being abducted by these hive-mind harvesters.
20. This race of AIs made war on their creators, the Quarians, and were later controlled by the Reapers.
21. Name the squadmate: A young Quarian engineer traveling on her Pilgrimage.
22. Name the squadmate: A genetically engineered human operative working for Cerberus.
23. Name the squadmate: A tank-bred Krogan, newly awakened and searching for identity.
24. Name the squadmate: A philosophical Drell assassin with an incurable disease.
25. This is the first planet you travel to in the Mass Effect trilogy.
26. In ME2, you travel to the Krogan homeworld, ______.
27. In ME3, you travel to the Salarian homeworld, ______.
28. In ME3, you also travel to the Asari homeworld, _______.
29. Interstellar travel is made possible through the use of a network of ______.
30. Mass effect fields can only be generated with the use this rare element.
31. Name the squadmate: A Salarian scientist instrumental in developing the genophage.
32. Name the squadmate: An unshackled AI who controlled the Normandy before acquiring her own body.
33. Name the squadmate: An Asari justicar, tasked with bringing ardat-yakshi mutations into custody.
34. Name one of the six classes of Mass Effect single player and multiplayer.
35. Shepard can solve problems through diplomacy, kindness, and wise tactics. This is the ____ path.
36. Shepard can solve problems through intimidation, ruthlessness, and snap decisions. This is the _____ path.
37. Who is the voice actor for the female Shepard?
38. Who is the voice actor for the male Shepard?
39. What company makes the Mass Effect series?
40. The fight is going badly, Harbinger is-

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