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QUIZ: Can you name the Star Trek Holodeck Episodes?

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Computer, begin program:EpisodeSeries
A 1940's crime noir story, featuring private detective Dixon HillThe Next Generation
A mystery in Victorian England, in the style of Sherlock HolmesThe Next Generation
An town in the American old WestThe Next Generation
Prospero's island of 'The Tempest', and Agatha Christie's Orient ExpressThe Next Generation
A 1960's spy adventure, similar to James BondDeep Space Nine
A baseball game, with the crew of DS9 versus a crew of VulcansDeep Space Nine
A 1960's casino heistDeep Space Nine
Computer, begin program:EpisodeSeries
A recreation of the heroic epic BeowulfVoyager
A training program for the possibility of a Maquis takeover of the shipVoyager
Nazi-occupied France during World War II (a Hirogen hunting exercise)Voyager
A children's story featuring magic aliens and an enchanted forestVoyager
A 1950's pulp sci-fi adventure serialVoyager
A village in 19th-century IrelandVoyager
A holonovel detailing the oppression of hologramsVoyager

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