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Can you name the Ultra Combos in Super Street Fighter IV?

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Ryu Ultra I
Ryu Ultra II
Ken Ultra I
Ken Ultra II
Chun Li Ultra I
Chun Li Ultra II
Guile Ultra I
Guile Ultra II
E. Honda Ultra I
E. Honda Ultra II
Blanka Ultra I
Blanka Ultra II
Zangief Ultra I
Zangief Ultra II
Dhalsim Ultra I
Dhalsim Ultra II
Balrog Ultra I
Balrog Ultra II
Vega Ultra I
Vega Ultra II
Sagat Ultra I
Sagat Ultra II
M. Bison Ultra I
M. Bison Ultra II
Cammy Ultra I
Cammy Ultra II
Fei Long Ultra I
Fei Long Ultra II
T. Hawk Ultra I
T. Hawk Ultra II
Dee Jay Ultra I
Dee Jay Ultra II
Sakura Ultra I
Sakura Ultra II
Dan Ultra I
Dan Ultra II
Adon Ultra I
Adon Ultra II
Rose Ultra I
Rose Ultra II
Gen Ultra I (Mantis)
Gen Ultra II (Mantis)
Gen Ultra I (Crane)
Gen Ultra II (Crane)
Akuma Ultra I
Akuma Ultra II
Guy Ultra I
Guy Ultra II
Cody Ultra I
Cody Ultra II
Makoto Ultra I
Makoto Ultra II
Ibuki Ultra I
Ibuki Ultra II
Dudley Ultra I
Dudley Ultra II
C. Viper Ultra I
C. Viper Ultra II
Rufus Ultra I
Rufus Ultra II
El Fuerte Ultra I
El Fuerte Ultra II
Abel Ultra I
Abel Ultra II
Juri Ultra I
Juri Ultra II
Hakan Ultra I
Hakan Ultra II
Gouken Ultra I
Gouken Ultra II
Seth Ultra I
Seth Ultra II

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