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Can you name the Items in Sam and Max Save the World?

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Extra InfoItem
This is with Sam at (almost) all times
Used to payJimmy's ransom
Used to knock out a graffitier
This knocks out hypnosis victims
Purchased from Bosco to deter identity theft
Used to vandalize walls
Gotten by ticketing white collar criminals
'Free' sample from Bosco's
Used to verify your celebrity neurosis
Taken from Sam's TV
Use this to make a useful anti-hypnosis device
Used to fight Brady Culture
Used to simulate rabies
One way to disguise a cow
Another way to disguise a cow
Made on the set of 'Cooking Without Looking'
Made on the set of 'Cooking Without Looking'
Taken from the set of 'Embarrassing Idol'
Taken from the host podium of 'Who's Never Going To Be A Millionaire?'
A scandalous photograph
Won from the game show
Artificial means of voice enhancement
Proof of your extraterrestrial scandal
Proof of your winning Embarrassing Idol
Proof of you being the star of a hit sitcom
Extra InfoItem
Used to cheat at Indian Poker
Gamble with these at Ted E. Bear's
Won from the Whack-Da-Ratz game
Won by cheating Leonard at Indian Poker
Used to listen in on secret conversations
Taken from Sybil's desk
The Toy Mafia gives you this to deliver
Leonard tries to stick you up with this
This item was broken off of a one-armed bandit
The most prized heirloom of the Toy Mafia
Taken from a workbench at the casino
Pry this out of a malfunctioning one-armed bandit
Use this to hypnotize the mole
A useful army recruitment sign
A useful Prismatology sales sign
Taken from the Oval Office
Taken from Lincoln's podium
Use this to find out how old everything is
Purchased from Comrade Bosco and used to make people tell the truth
Promote someone deserving with this
Use this to give the ICBMs a target
Used to fire a rodent at high speed
Gotten from the C.O.P.S. for repairs
Use these to enter Reality 2.0
The currency of Reality 2.0
Extra InfoItem
Used to disrupt operations in Reality 2.0
Sam's gun becomes this in Reality 2.0
Used to create protective pop-ups
Purchased from virtual Bosco's for fighting
Defeat a respawning monster to gain this
A more powerful weapon in Reality 2.0
Used to view things from a distance
Used to see what pixels look like up close
Decorate your car with this
A biological weapon purchased from Bosco
Used to destroy Reality 2.0
Taken from a gift shop on the moon
Destroy the case to gain this
Proof of your color level in Prismatology, fun to rub
Used to drive this vehicle on the moon
Used to see through certain doors
Used to make people vomit
Pull rats and other things out of this
This signifies ownership of a country
This pays for that country
Used to create seismic tremors
Used as part of a magic trick
Swap places with Hugh Bliss using this

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